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Aviator is one of the many online casino games that are gaining in popularity. It was designed and brought to market by Spribe, a software company specializing in this type of entertainment. Aviator has a simple game system, but it has its own charms. And, as the name suggests, it is a flying experience, which comes with big payouts.

Aviator is a brand new type of social multiplayer game with a growth curve that can collapse at any time. When the turn begins, a scale of multipliers starts to grow. Before the lucky plane takes off, the player must cash out.

Because of its simplicity and exciting gameplay experience, this format, which originated in the video game industry, has become popular in crypto-casinos.

What is a crash game?

Crash games are a small revolution in online casino games: easy, fast-paced arcade games that give you all the thrill of the traditional big money games.

One game publisher that has particularly stood out for the quality of its mini-games is Spribe Gamings.

Sprib is the creator of famous mini-games (called Turbo games) like Keno, Goal, mining games, the classic JetX3 and of course Aviator.

How to play Aviator Game?

If you are living in Brazil, lets answer your question como jogar Aviator Betano? The Aviator game is quite simple to learn. The retro-style screen, which features a black background with a red curve and an airplane, provides a comfortable environment in which we can have a good time.  The basic objective of the game is to allow players to decide when to cash in. Let's go into the details of the game.

The player must bet between $0.10 and $100 per spin. Bets are placed before the plane takes off and the game starts as soon as it takes off. As the plane rises, the odds increase, the higher the odds, the higher the payout, which is exactly what we are looking for. We need to determine the most opportune time to cash in before it's too late. If the plane accelerates quickly and takes off, the multiplier will collapse, and we will lose our bet. However, in the alternative, we can win the amount of our bet multiplied by the odds at which we cashed out.

In addition, you can place two hypothetical bets on a single spin. We'll cover the details of this in the Strategies section.

What Are The Features Of Aviator Casino Game?

Aviator is a social multiplayer game that allows its players to become part of the community through the following features:

  • In-game chat - you can interact with other players via the chat tool on the right and make friends while playing!
  • Live bets - the bar on the left shows how many players have entered the round and how much they have bet, as well as their coefficients and winnings at the end of the round.
  • Live stats - you can see the leaderboard with the biggest cash wins and multipliers achieved in a day, month or year.
  • Free bets - you can claim free bets as part of promotions or promotional offers and play for free!
  • Rain Promo - from time to time, a random number of free bets are added to the chat, and players can claim these free bets by simply clicking the "claim" button.
  • Aviarace Tournaments - you can participate in various tournaments alongside the normal game and earn bonus points. At the end of the race, the best players will receive additional cash rewards, free bets, or other special prizes.

How to win the Aviator game?

There is no guaranteed way to win in Aviator since the game is based on random chance. However, there are some strategies you can use to improve your chances of winning:

Practice in the free game mode before playing for real money. This way you can learn the game and develop a strategy.

Bet early and withdraw your money before the plane disappears. This will give you a higher multiplier and possible winnings.

Be careful with your bets. A higher bet will lead to bigger potential winnings, but also bigger losses if you don't withdraw your money in time.

Using Auto Cashout

Aviator's Auto Cashout feature allows players to withdraw their winnings automatically without having to press the button to collect them. All you need to do is activate this feature and choose the multiplier that suits you. By doing this, the winnings will be collected directly once the plane reaches the multiplier you have chosen. In addition, the auto cashout can be used in case you forgot to click the button to collect the winnings.

This is a very interesting option if you want to make cashouts very quickly with multipliers of less than 1.25x

Mobile Version of Aviator Casino Game

The Aviator Casino game comes in a mobile version and is playable on both Android and iOS devices. In fact, we recommend playing the game on a smartphone or tablet, as the game is designed in a more compact way and it is much easier to click the withdrawal buttons.

The game has the same features and betting interface as the mobile edition, and the same soundtrack can be heard in the background. Keep in mind that playing online casino games like Aviator consumes a lot of battery power from your phone or tablet, so we suggest you play while logged in because the last thing you want is for your mobile device's battery to die in the middle of a game round.

Aviator Game Review

In our Aviator Game Review, you can learn everything about this excellent video game. From how to win the video game to where to play it and how to transfer money. If you are looking for an excellent video game, be sure to check out our Aviator Game Review.



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