Special Discounts On New Subscriptions For Associations And Other Groups

Why not add an easy savings opportunity to your association or business group's member-only benefits? We offer qualified groups substantial member discounts off introductory subscriptions to our many services.

Your members get valuable news, exclusive insights, and notice of new funding and programs they can benefit from…and they save money, too!

There are no administrative headaches or hassles …once you approve our offer, we generally send your membership a sample publication and cover letter explaining their new group benefit. Your member list will never be used for any other purposes without written permission. Or, if you prefer, you can send material directly to your members.

All we ask is that you help us let your members know they qualify for a group discount. Your members will have a unique code in our computer system so we'll know to extend the group discount on any new orders.

Of course, as with all our services, satisfaction is 100% guaranteed--so you and your members risk nothing giving any of our services a try.

So don't wait! Get your members set up with their newest member benefit right away! Call Shivane Kay, Manager, Customer Relationships, at 1-855-237-1396 or email for full details.