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A Look at Four Improvements Analytics Brings to Senior Care


There now exists a huge amount of data that can be analyzed to develop enhanced senior care that’s more personalized than ever before. Below are four improvements data will bring to the senior care space.

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The report projects the Part A Trust Fund will be solvent through 2028. The 2029 depletion date is a year longer than the Trustees’ estimate last year and 12 years longer than projected before the Affordable Care Act passed.
Handing President Donald Trump a firm rebuke, members of the House Appropriations HUD subcommittee decided to keep the Community Development Block Grant program intact with a nominal $100 million cut from FY 2017 spending, reducing subsidies to $2.9 billion. At the same time, lawmakers sided with the White House on its proposal to butcher the Choice Neighborhoods program. The Choice Neighborhoods Initiative was launched by the Obama administration in 2010 to succeed the controversial HOPE VI public housing revitalization program.
New language added this past week to the Senate health care bill would allow the sale of inexpensive, minimal coverage insurance plans to consumers. The added language is an effort by the Senate Republican leadership to attract sufficient conservative support to pass the measure. But whether it actually does that remains to be seen.
Walmart Stores Inc. has paid $1.65 million to resolve allegations that it violated the federal False Claims Act when it knowingly submitted claims for reimbursement to California’s Medi‑Cal program that were not supported by applicable diagnosis and documentation requirements.
Bethesda, MD-based commercial real estate finance company Walker & Dunlop has structured a $28.1 million construction loan for Jackson Creek Senior Living, a 137-unit assisted living facility that will be located between Denver and Colorado Springs in Monument, CO.
If you’re looking for a better way to talk about aging, check out “Building Momentum,” an online toolkit based on two years of research by FrameWorks, the research partner for the Reframing Aging Project (RAP).
Approximately 100 awards up to $50,000 each...
If enacted as it is now written, the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA) proposed by the Republican-led Senate could cause an estimated 1.45 million jobs to disappear by 2026 and trigger an economic downturn in all but one state, according to a new study.
The nonpartisan Commonwealth Fund has created an online interactive tool that allows users to explore the potential impact of the changes proposed in the American Health Care Act (House bill) and the Better Care Reconciliation Act (Senate bill) on health care and state economies.
A majority of America’s nurses admit they are stressed out, consuming too much junk food and getting too little sleep, according to a Ball State University study.

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