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Interventions to Focus on Minority Glaucoma

The program supports innovative strategies to better engage, detect and manage glaucoma and other eye diseases among vulnerable populations.

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Hospice Care to Decrease Unwanted Patient Transitions

Agency: National Institutes of Health (HHS);  Program: Improving Individual and Family Outcomes through Continuity and Coordination of Care in Hospice (CFDA Number: 93.361) (Funding Opportunity Number: PA-18-148);  Focus Areas: Health, seniors;  Eligibility: Sta...

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Housing Grant Competition to Start Soon

The funding amount varies each year. In the 2017 competition, $3.125 million was available for 25 awards of $125,000 each.

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State, Local Health Departments to Lead Diabetes Projects

The program supports the testing of novel approaches to prevent and control diabetes and cardiovascular disease in high-burden populations.

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Communities, States to Provide Quality Dementia Services

$20.5 million for 22 awards ... The program supports the development and expansion of dementia-capable home and community-based service systems in states and communities.

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