Agencies Release Guidance on K-12 School Resource Officers

The Education Dept. (DoEd) and the Justice Dept. (DOJ) release new guidance to help make sure that K-12 school resource officers (SROs) are not misused as classroom disciplinarians fueling the school-to-prison pipeline. "In some schools today SROs have become the disciplinarians," said DoEd Secy. John King. "Instead of better equipping educators to address misbehavior and to help students learn and grow from their mistakes some schools are simply turning misbehaving students over to SROs." This can lead to citations or arrest and set students on a path to dropping out of school or even to prison, King said. The new guidance will help state and local education and law enforcement agencies responsibly incorporate SROs in the learning environment. Additionally, the departments have highlighted tools available for law enforcement agencies that also apply to campus law enforcement agencies. To assist states, schools, and their law enforcement partners in assessing the proper role of SROs and campus law enforcement professionals, both the Education Department and the Justice Department's Office of Community Oriented Policing Services released letters to states and districts emphasizing the importance of well-designed SRO programs. To [...]

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10/21/16 09:48 AM

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Reprinted from Children and Youth Funding Report - Try a sample