Affordable Housing Tops Ballot Issues Across the Nation

At least 12 U.S. cities and several counties will be voting on affordable housing issues Nov. 8, a topic considered a key issue for more than half of Americans polled even though it failed to generate much more than lip service in the din of the presidential campaigns.The focus on affordable housing for middle-class workers, particularly on keeping public service workers in the communities they serve, and subsidized housing for poor families comes at a time of rising housing prices and lack of rental housing availability in many parts of the country.Most of the housing ballot issues concentrate on housing construction and preservation as well as more support for solutions to the growing homeless dilemma across the country.The housing appeal to the public conscience comes at a time when housing prices are skyrocketing after years of economic doldrums following the 2008 housing market debacle, an explosion of rental costs reflecting a diminishing supply of cheap rental housing, and an 89% drop in federal and state funding for affordable housing.Los Angeles hosts the most hefty ballot proposal and a plea from government leaders to raise property taxes to pay for housing the homeless in a region where homeles [...]

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11/4/16 7:39 PM

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