Directory of Federal and Private Affordable Housing Grants Audioconferences and Webinars from CD Publications

CD Publications Now Offers Expanded Services for Grantseekers

Since 1961 we've specialized in providing our clients the latest, most insightful news and information about funding opportunities for community programs within the federal and private sectors -- typically well in advance of other sources.  Over the past 51 years, thousands of subscribers nationwide have trusted in and depended upon the accuracy and timeliness of our forward-looking analyses and reports.

Now, in response to customer requests, we are expanding our services to include custom grant research, needs assessments, application analysis, and federal and foundation grantwriting.
Federal and Private Grantwriting: (Fee provided after consultation.)

Following a discussion with our grant writers, we'll quote you a price and approximate timeframe for writing a complete private or federal grant. While we leave the actual submission up to you, we’re happy to walk you through the process. Timeframe depends upon the grant and on the client information available initially, but generally takes 4-6 weeks.

To schedule a consultation, please fill out this form: