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OVW Offers $9M to Prevent Dating Violence, Stalking


  • Program: Grants to Reduce Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, and Stalking on Campus (CFDA Number: 16.525).
  • Agency: Justice Dept. (Office of Violence against Women, OVW).
  • Eligibility: Colleges (applicants must partner with local adult/juvenile criminal justice agencies, faith-based groups and service providers).
  • Funding: Approximately 25 awards of up to $505,000 each ($9 million total funding; no match is required).
  • Deadline: May 22.

The Basics: Grants help colleges address domestic and dating violence, sexual assault and stalking crimes on campus. The grants also strengthen security and investigative strategies to prevent and prosecute crimes on campuses.  Applicants must show how they are addressing these crimes by developing campus-based coordinated responses, including victim services.

Insider Information: United Tribes Technical College of Bismarck, ND, is so far the only tribal grantee, having received $245,000. The college utilizes a Domestic Violence Advocate to provide culturally appropriate services and protection to the victim(s) of domestic violence; dating violence; sexual assault and stalking. The advocate partners with Bismarck/Mandan  community services in support of the college students, and works with  the community as part of a larger "response  team" to address domestic violence. Services not only go to students, but families and staff as well.

Info: Myrta Charles, 202/305-2977,; or for the notice, go to:

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