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Latest News :
Congress Expected to Quickly Approve Short-Term CR

GOP leaders make clear final decisions about FY 2015 funding won't be made until after the mid-term elections. House Appropriations Chairman Hal Rogers (R-KY) introduces a short-term continuing resolution that will keep the government operating until Dec. 11.
reprinted from Community Health Funding Report
read complete story - 9/11/14 1:36 PM  


Other Recent News:

Grant/Funding News Services
Children & Youth Funding Report –>Homeless Youth Outreach Competition to Open  9/16/14 4:30 PM
–>Agency Offers Funding for Family Planning Services   9/16/14 2:30 PM
Community Health Funding Report –>Country Making Progress in Fight Against Adolescent Drug, Alcohol Use   9/16/14 4:37 PM
–>MGM Offers Grants to Host Communities   9/16/14 4:35 PM
Federal & Foundation Assistance Monitor –>Awards up to $100K Strengthen Fresh Food Movement  9/16/14 4:05 PM
–>Significant Awards Available for Pediatric Research  9/16/14 2:03 PM
Native American Report –>Country Making Progress in Fight Against Adolescent Drug, Alcohol Use   9/16/14 4:39 PM
–>Poverty, Uninsured Rates Fell in 2013   9/16/14 4:26 PM
Private Grants Alert –>Fuel Up Grants Improve Child Nutrition, Activity   9/16/14 11:14 AM
–>Nonprofits Can Qualify for Operation, Capital Grants   9/16/14 07:53 AM

Housing News Services
CD Housing Register –>Changes in Flood Hazard Determinations  12/27/13 1:59 PM
–>New Jersey; Amendment No. 5 to Notice of an Emergency Declaration  12/27/13 1:47 PM
Community Development Digest –>Will the Chicago Spire Become More than a Myth?  9/16/14 5:12 PM
–>NHA Unveils Sustainable Master Planning Initiative  9/16/14 09:35 AM
Housing Affairs Letter –>GAO: HUD Exec Violated Lobby Law  9/11/14 9:52 PM
–>HUD Threatens Ohio Fair Housing Move  9/11/14 9:48 PM

Senior News Services
Aging News Alert –>ACA Seen Reducing Number of Uninsured  9/16/14 5:16 PM
–>IG Calls on CMS to Issue Rural Health Clinic Regulations   9/16/14 4:20 PM