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Federal Foundation Assistance Monitor

Private Funding

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Program Sets 2015 Grant Deadlines

The grantees use these funds to operate baseball and softball programs and facilities. The funds may be used to finance a new program, expand or improve an existing program, undertake a new collaborative effort, or obtain facilities or equipment necessary for youth baseball or softball programs.

posted 11/26/14 08:16 AM  read complete story

Outdoor Programming Competition to Start in April

These funds go to programs offering children and youth outdoor programming. The Explore Fund supports organizations that encourage youth outdoor participation, focusing primarily on: creating more connections of youth to nature and providing an inspiration to explore; increasing access to close to home front and backcountry recreation opportunities; and engaging a new and diverse audience with the outdoors.

posted 11/6/14 07:49 AM  read complete story

Poultry Company Focuses Funding on Broad Categories

Tyson focuses giving on hunger relief, health and human services, education and community development.

posted 11/4/14 3:34 PM  read complete story

Councilís Program to Implement Worker Safety Initiative

The program funds the implementation of evidence-based safety and health interventions to protect agricultural workers. Projects must: engage both management and workers in safety efforts; facilitate new partnerships for providing timely, effective safety programs; reach out to stakeholders that have limited access to safety programs; implement evidence-based agricultural safety and health strategies; and have the potential for being sustained beyond the grant period.

posted 11/3/14 2:02 PM  read complete story

National, Local Grants Target Community Development

The overall goal is to help nonprofits become strong and stable neighborhood institutions characterized by effective and responsible fiscal management and capable of carrying out a range of community revitalization activities.

posted 10/28/14 4:23 PM  read complete story

Public Art Collaborations Vie for $1M Awards

The program will support temporary public art projects that celebrate creativity, enhance urban identity, encourage public-private partnerships, and drive economic development.

posted 10/22/14 4:13 PM  read complete story

Schools to Use Funds for Health Nutrition Programs

These grants help schools sustain healthy nutrition and physical activity programs. Applicants must increase student: awareness of the importance of healthy eating and increased physical activity; access to nutrient-rich foods; and opportunities for in-school physical activity.

posted 9/23/14 09:51 AM  read complete story

Libraries to Benefit from Two Opportunities

These awards honor stellar school library programs, especially those following learning standards and guidelines.

posted 9/22/14 3:46 PM  read complete story

Creative Placemaking Program Awards Grants up to $20K Each

The organization provides funding for artists and art-focused nonprofits focusing on social change through the arts. The fellowship effort supports: (1) socially engaged projects featuring artists in leadership roles; (2) dialogue-based projects emphasizing active and sustainable partnerships with communities; and (3) projects where artists engage community members as equal partners on locally relevant issues. Projects involving non-artists are highly encouraged.

posted 9/11/14 12:20 PM  read complete story

Underachievers to Receive Mathematics Assistance

The grantees will incorporate middle school classroom materials or lessons that will improve the achievement of student groups in mathematics that have previous records of underachievement. Activities are to be completed between June 1, 2015, and May 31, 2016.

posted 9/11/14 11:47 AM  read complete story

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