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Grocery Chain Gives Back to Its Communities
   Each Whole Foods market actively seeks local community efforts to support. Each store donates food to area food banks and shelters.
posted 3/25/14 2:13 PM  read complete story

Minority Fellowship Applications Due in July, December
   Fellows assist in solving social sector issues through research, writing and logistical and administrative support. Recipients can receive academic credit for the experience.
posted 3/24/14 09:56 AM  read complete story

Coordinators Oversee Local Giving
   Each store has a Donations Coordinator who handles requests for donations and volunteers. Written requests should be made at least three weeks prior to the date donation is needed.
posted 3/11/14 3:52 PM  read complete story

Restaurants Provide $20K Monthly in Donations
   The program offers a charitable donation to local organizations that host a dining event at any of its 700 plus locations. The contributions are based on 20% of the net sales from guests that bring in a GiveBack flyer for the organization's specific event.
posted 3/11/14 1:49 PM  read complete story

Local Chains Make Funding Decisions
   Each franchise helps local groups and events through donations of food, volunteers and grants. Potential applicants should contact their local restaurant regarding donations, but only after they have prepared a written proposal prepared to submit for review.
posted 3/11/14 11:47 AM  read complete story

Award Recognizes Public Science Engagement
   Annually, the award recognizes an early-career scientist or engineer for efforts to get the public engaged in science. The prize includes a $5,000 award.
posted 3/10/14 07:36 AM  read complete story

Undocumented Students Vie for Scholarships
   The program aims to award full-tuition college scholarships to undocumented students. The fund will provide students who qualify for a scholarship with $25,000 to attend a pre-approved college — including several community colleges in California, Florida, New York, Texas, or the District of Columbia and an online college owned by Kaplan.
posted 2/12/14 09:05 AM  read complete story

Outdoor Retailer Sets 2014 Deadlines
   The program provides funding to preserve and protect the environment. The program funds groups that are action-oriented, building public involvement and support and accomplishing specific environmental goals based on root causes.
posted 2/4/14 2:09 PM  read complete story

Clothier Funds Women, Children’s Initiatives
   The women's clothing company focuses funding on improving the lives of women and children in the communities where they do business.
posted 1/30/14 11:34 AM  read complete story

Adult Literacy Applications Can be Submitted Beginning March 1
   Grants go for adult literacy and adult basic education programs focusing on the following initiatives: basic literacy; adult basic education; English language instruction; and family literacy.
posted 1/28/14 3:49 PM  read complete story

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