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Outdoor Retailer Sets 2014 Deadlines
   The program provides funding to preserve and protect the environment. The program funds groups that are action-oriented, building public involvement and support and accomplishing specific environmental goals based on root causes.
posted 2/4/14 2:09 PM  read complete story

Clothier Funds Women, Children’s Initiatives
   The women's clothing company focuses funding on improving the lives of women and children in the communities where they do business.
posted 1/30/14 11:34 AM  read complete story

Adult Literacy Applications Can be Submitted Beginning March 1
   Grants go for adult literacy and adult basic education programs focusing on the following initiatives: basic literacy; adult basic education; English language instruction; and family literacy.
posted 1/28/14 3:49 PM  read complete story

Discount Chain Funds Health, Education Programs
   The company provides funding through gift cards and direct financial contributions. Potential applicants must mail their funding requests; e-mail submissions are not accepted.
posted 1/24/14 09:07 AM  read complete story

HIV, AIDS Groups Vie for Housing, Nutrition Funding
   The nutrition program funds programs providing food and nutrition to people living with HIV and AIDS. Funding categories include food purchases, capacity building, organization sustainability, and collaborations between organizations. The housing program provides permanent housing for low-income people living with HIV/AIDS.
posted 1/23/14 1:05 PM  read complete story

Cosmetic Company Focuses Giving on Women, Children
   Through its philanthropic efforts, the cosmetic company strives to improve communities where it has a presence. All donation requests will be reviewed within the two-week period following submission.
posted 1/23/14 09:02 AM  read complete story

Domestic Violence Initiative Sets 2014 Deadlines
   The program helps victims of domestic violence and their animals stay together during times of crisis. Shelters will create a space on site to temporarily house the pets of victims of domestic violence.
posted 1/17/14 12:09 PM  read complete story

Promising Research Can Receive $30K Awards
   These funds go for promising research related to understanding the causes and finding a cure for childhood leukemia.
posted 1/10/14 2:18 PM  read complete story

Advocacy Grants Due April 30
   The funder offers grants for programs helping avoid surrender or separation of companion pets from families. Applicants are required to have a recommendation from a staffer at the local Banfield Pet Hospital.
posted 12/30/13 2 PM  read complete story

Schools Use Funds to Incorporate Aerospace Education
   These grants promote aerospace education activities in public schools. Active relationships between schools and the local Air Force Association organization are encouraged.
posted 12/27/13 1:42 PM  read complete story

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