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Environmental Education Must Use Trees
   The organization funds environmental education using trees and forests as “windows on the world.” The projects must help K-12 students make their schools greener and healthier.
posted 8/29/14 08:55 AM  read complete story

Foundation Sets Jan. 15 Deadline
   The funds go for programs or research to promote education and equality for women and girls. Special consideration is given to projects focused on K–12 and community college girls’ and women’s achievements in STEM.
posted 8/29/14 07:44 AM  read complete story

Program Sets Final 2014 Deadline
   The program helps victims of domestic violence and their animals stay together during times of crisis. Shelters will create a space on site to temporarily house the pets of victims of domestic violence.
posted 8/28/14 07:55 AM  read complete story

Retail Chain Gives to Youth Sports, Outdoor Programs
   The sporting goods chain believes sports contribute to a better world and that people who take part in sports will learn essential life skills like leadership, discipline and integrity. The company supports programs that inspire and enable sports participation.
posted 8/27/14 3:53 PM  read complete story

Retailer Offers Field Trip Grants
   The company funds field trips connecting students' classroom curriculum to out-of-school experiences. Field trip funds allow K-12 students and teachers to learn in all kinds of settings. Field trips must take place between February and December 2015. Applicants must have a Target store within 100 miles of their office.
posted 8/26/14 2:26 PM  read complete story

Giving Program Reviews Grants Quarterly
   The women's clothing company focuses funding on improving the lives of women and children in the communities where they do business.
posted 8/25/14 11:55 AM  read complete story

Adult Literacy Competition to Start on March 1
   The program makes grants to adult literacy and adult basic education programs focusing on the following initiatives: basic literacy; adult basic education; English language instruction; and family literacy.
posted 8/21/14 11:56 AM  read complete story

Council Sets 2015 Deadline for Teacher Grants
   These grants may be used to improve mathematics teaching in elementary schools. Grants can be used to cover honoraria and expenses for consultants, materials, substitute time and conference or workshop registrations. Proposals including professional development involving the use of technology to enhance student learning are encouraged.
posted 8/20/14 1:16 PM  read complete story

Society Sets December Deadline
   The program offers grants to build or repair trails, protect trail corridors and support trail outreach and volunteer programs.
posted 8/14/14 08:10 AM  read complete story

Librarian Nominations Due Sept. 12
   The awards program encourages library users to recognize the accomplishments of exceptional public, K-12 and public and private college and university librarians. Nominators must describe how a librarian is improving the lives of people in a community, school or campus.
posted 8/6/14 10:02 AM  read complete story

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