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Exclusive in the Oct. 9 FAM Issue...

With various federal agencies working on FY 2010 funding solicitations, FAM is in regular contact with officials about release of grant guidance and deadlines.

Discussions with Education Dept. officials uncovers FAM-exclusive news on the new Investing in Innovation (i3) and Improving Literacy Through Libraries programs. To read the stories, please visit www.grantsandfunding.net/fam/5558 (i3) and www.grantsandfunding.net/fam/5567  (Literacy).

Additional FAM highlights for the week ending Oct. 9 include:

Best Practices: A community college project backed by two influential foundations seems like the type of program the White House wants to fund. To read the story, please visit www.grantsandfunding.net/fam/5570.

Community Services: The Agriculture Dept. (USDA) offers guidance on the new Rural Microentrepreneur Assistance Program. In other news, input from nonprofits is sought on efforts to improve disability employment funding. To read the stories, please visit www.grantsandfunding.net/fam/5561 (USDA) and  www.grantsandfunding.net/fam/5560 (disability employment).

Congress: A House bill (HR 3734) would provide funding for several new environmental grant programs. In other news, a bill making its way through both the House and Senate would provide $250 million for institutions of higher education. To read the stories, please visit www.grantsandfunding.net/fam/5572 (environmental grants) and www.grantsandfunding.net/fam/5578 ($250 million)

Federal Agencies: The Education Dept. (DoEd) wants its Ed-Tech grantees to submit two new reports. To read the stories, please visit www.grantsandfunding.net/fam/5559.

Federal Funding: Information on various new funding opportunities, including the Connecting to Collections Statewide Planning & Implementation Grants and the We the People Bookshelf project. To read the stories, please visit www.grantsandfunding.net/fam/5555 (Connecting to Collections) and www.grantsandfunding.net/fam/5569 (We the People)

Foundation Funding: Insights on various opportunities, including the Public Welfare Foundation and the RGK Foundation. To read the stories, please visit www.grantsandfunding.net/fam/5552 (Public Welfare) and www.grantsandfunding.net/fam/5554 (RGK).

Funding News: An economic development effort in New York City to ensure arts and culture funding offers lessons for all nonprofits. To read the story, please visit www.grantsandfunding.net/fam/5556.

Funding Tips: FAM Editor Ray Sweeney offers puts on his grant manager hat to provide insights on the new AmeriCorps grant guidance. To read the story, please visit www.grantsandfunding.net/fam/5575.

Money for Main Street: A new Nat'l Governors Association report provides insights into what DoEd is looking to fund through its new Race to the Top funding program.. To read the story, please visit www.grantandfunding.net/fam/5557.  

State Funding News: Alaska Gov. Sean Parnell (R) seeks $400 million for the new Governor's Performance Scholarship. To read the story, please visit www.grantsandfunding.net/fam/5564.

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Other Recent Stories

The program ensures landfills are properly managed in rural areas. Grantees will: evaluate current landfill conditions for threats to water resources and provide assistance in operating active and closed landfills.
Grantees will provide training and technical assistance to rural areas in dealing with water and wastewater issues. USDA defines a rural area as any area not in a city or town with a population in excess of 10,000, according to the latest Census Bureau data.
The program supports research to understand and mitigate the impact of natural hazards on constructed civil infrastructure. Under ENH, natural hazards include earthquakes, windstorms (such as tornadoes and hurricanes), tsunamis, and landslides.
The program supports research that enables the development of new and improved manufacturing machines and equipment, and optimization of their use, with a particular focus on equipment appropriate for the manufacture of mechanical and electromechanical devices. Proposals relating to a wide range of manufacturing operations are encouraged.
These programs support projects to develop and advance knowledge concerning endangered human languages. Projects will contribute to data management and archiving and to the development of the next generation of researchers.
The program supports research to develop a nasal delivery formulation that reliably delivers of a therapeutic, at a physiologically relevant concentration, into the central nervous system. The ultimate goal is to improve treatment for substance use disorders through the use of these therapeutics.
The program supports HIV/AIDS research to address areas of primary interest to NICHD, Maternal and Pediatric Infectious Disease Branch and the Office of AIDS Research. Suggested research areas include: studies on the development of the fetal immune system in the setting of HIV/AIDS and new strategies for the development of a pediatric HIV vaccine.
The program supports research on vaccine approaches to prevent acquisition of or ongoing infection by HIV. Applicants must propose high risk, high impact research and accept
The program provides food safety education, training, education, and technical assistance to nutrition organizations, including food hubs and farm cooperatives. Successful awardees will be required to closely interact with Food Safety Modernization Act Regional Centers.
Grantees assist veterans in highly rural areas to travel to all types of VA medical care, including medical centers.