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EPA Funds Brownfields Planning
   The program funds community-wide efforts to address a brownfield area. Brownfields are areas where redevelopment is complicated by the presence of hazardous materials. Funds may be used for research, training and technical assistance.
posted 8/1/14 10:32 AM  read complete story

Federal Agency, Private Funders Join Forces on Aging Program
   Grantees develop future leaders in the aging field. The funds support clinically trained faculty members early in their careers in gaining additional research training and establishing independent programs in aging research.
posted 8/1/14 08:30 AM  read complete story

Tests to Enhance Adult Education Reporting
   The Division of Adult Education and Literacy (DoEd) sets the deadline for publishers to submit tests for review and approval for use in the Natíl Reporting System for Adult Education.
posted 7/31/14 4:29 PM  read complete story

Center to Target Youth, Young Adults with Disabilities
   The center will focus on improve vocational rehabilitation services for youth and young adults who are disabled.
posted 7/31/14 2:27 PM  read complete story

Fellow to Improve Residential Services for Disabled
   The program builds capacity by providing support to experienced, highly qualified individuals to perform research on disability rehabilitation.
posted 7/31/14 12:26 PM  read complete story

Campaign to Focus on Cybersecurity
   The grantee will run a new national campaign to improve cybersecurity. A main goal is to get youth and adolescents involved in cybersecurity.
posted 7/30/14 12:13 PM  read complete story

Housing Studies Decisions Expected Soon
   Grantees will conduct studies on housing-related health and safety hazards to develop new hazard assessment and control methods. The key focus is on residential health and safety hazards.
posted 7/30/14 10:11 AM  read complete story

Defense Program Focuses on STEM Improvements
   The program seeks proposed research to investigate leading edge approaches enabling revolutionary advances in science, technologies, or systems at the intersection of biology with engineering and the physical and computer sciences.
posted 7/29/14 12:40 PM  read complete story

Criminal Systems Seek Best Ways to Handle Evidence
   The programís intent is to identify the most efficient and cost-effective existing methods for properly handling physical evidence in criminal justice laboratory settings.The programís intent is to identify the most efficient and cost-effective existing methods for properly handling physical evidence in criminal justice laboratory settings.
posted 7/29/14 10:37 AM  read complete story

New Center to Uncover Online Education Best Practices
   Public and private colleges and universities can apply for the grant. The center will study and develop best practices in postsecondary education for online education and the use of technology-based teaching and learning tools.
posted 7/29/14 08:36 AM  read complete story

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