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Collaboration among Centers Sought
   The centers conduct complex, long-term research and education projects on science or engineering topics.
posted 8/20/14 08:15 AM  read complete story

Cybersecurity Efforts Can Receive Funding Boost
   Grantees will help the agency meet its cybersecurity strategic plans.
posted 8/19/14 4:13 PM  read complete story

Researchers to Test Physical Activity Programs
   The program will fund research on multi-level intervention programs to increase health-enhancing physical activity.
posted 8/19/14 2:12 PM  read complete story

Colleges, Universities Help Ensure Diverse Workforce
   This undergraduate scholarship grant program increases the multicultural diversity of the food and agricultural scientific and professional workforce.
posted 8/19/14 12:10 PM  read complete story

Fellowships Engage Students to Pursue Agriculture Careers
   These awards support traineeship programs engaging outstanding students to pursue and complete their degrees in USDA mission areas.
posted 8/19/14 10:08 AM  read complete story

$12M Goes to Improve Libraries
   These grants improve library services and operations.
posted 8/19/14 08:06 AM  read complete story

Rural Community Development Grantmaking Gets Underway
   The program helps rural communities improve local housing, community facilities and other community and economic development endeavors
posted 8/18/14 4:04 PM  read complete story

Researchers to Create Biological Systems
   The agency seeks innovative research proposals to create robust engineered biological systems.
posted 8/18/14 2:04 PM  read complete story

Grantees to Assess Tobacco Addiction
   These funds will help generate data to determine the role that flavored cigarettes, cigars, e-cigarettes and smokeless tobacco plays in getting individuals hooked on tobacco.
posted 8/18/14 12:03 PM  read complete story

States to Receive TA on Meeting IDEA Requirements
   The center will improve the capacity of states to meet IDEA data collection and reporting requirements.
posted 8/18/14 10:01 AM  read complete story

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