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States Can Receive Flexibility to Buy Locally
   The program seeks to provide healthier food options for the nationís school children through the purchase of locally-grown, unprocessed food. Schools, through state education agencies, will be permitted to competitively solicit a USDA-approved vendor using USDA entitlement funds. Whatís new is that schools will also be allowed to use pre-existing commercial distribution channels and relationships with growers, produce wholesalers, and distributors if they are local.
posted 7/25/14 1:37 PM  read complete story

U.S.-Russia Higher Education Partnership Poised to Launch
   Public and private colleges and universities can apply for the grant, which will go to develop a university partnership program matching Russian institutions of higher learning with U.S. counterparts.
posted 7/25/14 10:19 AM  read complete story

Centers to Aid Youth with Severe Mental Health Issues
   The Office of Special Education & Rehabilitative Services (DoEd) is offering two solicitations that will each provide an $875,000 award to run a Nat'l Institute of Disability & Rehabilitation Research center focused on helping youth with severe mental health issues.
posted 7/25/14 08:18 AM  read complete story

Large Research Projects Vie for HHS Grants
   These funds provide support designed to develop, test, and evaluate health service activities, and to foster the application of existing knowledge for the control of categorical diseases.
posted 7/24/14 4:16 PM  read complete story

Agency Sets Rehabilitation Funding Focuses
   The program provides financial assistance for projects providing: (1) basic or advanced training leading to an academic degree in areas of personnel shortages in rehabilitation as identified by DoEd; (2) a specified series of courses or programs of study leading to the award of a certificate in areas of personnel shortages; and (3) support for medical residents enrolled in residency training programs in the specialty of physical medicine and rehabilitation.
posted 7/24/14 3:34 PM  read complete story

Program Funds Broad Array of Research
   The agency's mission is to produce evidence to make healthcare safer, higher quality, more ac≠cessible, equitable and affordable, and to work with HHS and other partners to make sure that the evidence is understood and used.
posted 7/24/14 2:14 PM  read complete story

Funding Promotes International Collaborations
   The program supports projects where advances in research and education could not occur without international collaboration. The ultimate goal is obtain a higher level of international engagement in the U.S. science and engineering community.
posted 7/24/14 12:13 PM  read complete story

Migrant Children to Receive Better Early Care
   The program will expand access to high-quality, comprehensive services for low-income, migrant and seasonal infants and toddlers and their families through EHS-CC partnerships, or through the expansion of EHS services.
posted 7/24/14 11:16 AM  read complete story

$25M to Improve Cybersecurity
   The program focuses on improving cybersecurity education and workforce development. The funding may be used for scholarships or for curriculum development. Scholars must agree to work in a governmental cybersecurity position in exchange for the award.
posted 7/24/14 10:10 AM  read complete story

Solicitation Sets Three Deadlines for Disparities Program
   Grantees conduct community-level research on reducing childhood mortality and health disparities. Specific disparities to be studied include: the health of pregnant women; pregnancy outcomes and infant and maternal mortality and morbidity; children's health, including diabetes, obesity and developmental disabilities; and health-related behaviors, including aggression, substance use and self-injurious behaviors in childhood and adolescence.
posted 7/24/14 08:28 AM  read complete story

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