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Federal Foundation Assistance Monitor

Federal Funding

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Awards to Attract Public to Service

The program promotes the preservation and use of the nationís most valuable archival resources through preserving and processing primary source materials. The program emphasizes the creation of online tools that facilitate the public discovery of historical records.

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New Drugs to Treat Substance Abuse

The grantees will test and develop new drugs to treat alcohol abuse and alcoholism. At the end of the funding period, a successful project should have, at a minimum, an IND application submitted to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (HHS).

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Historical Boards to Improve Services

The program assists state historical records advisory boards in enhancing access to historical records, increasing citizen engagement with records and providing learning and development opportunities for students, citizens and professional archivists.

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$47M Goes for State, Local Initiatives

States use these matching funds to identify, evaluate and protect historic properties and assist local governments, nonprofits and individuals in carrying out historic preservation activities.

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Tribes Use Funds for Historical Preservation

Tribes use these funds to identify, evaluate and protect historic properties through surveys, education and archaeology. The ultimate goal is to protect and conserve important tribal cultural and historic assets and sites.

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Program to Address Substance Abuse Priorities

The program addresses two of the nationís top substance abuse prevention priorities: (1) underage drinking among persons aged 12 to 20; and (2) prescription drug misuse and abuse among persons aged 12 to 25.

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Centers to Enhance Geriatrics Services

The program establishes and operates geriatric education centers that will develop a geriatrics health care workforce that maximizes patient and family engagement and improves health outcomes for older adults. Special emphasis will be on providing the primary care workforce with the knowledge and skills to care for older adults and on collaborating with community partners to address gaps in health care for older adults.

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Governments, Nonprofits Vie for Water Conservation Funding

These funds go for water conservation activities. The activities must focus on improving water use efficiency, encouraging water management planning by water purveyors and promoting basic technical understanding of water management and conservation practices by water users.

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Researchers to Evaluate Community Approaches

The program supports research to rigorously evaluate structural, economic, environmental and policy strategies for the primary prevention of intimate partner violence and sexual violence.

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States to Improve Disability Education Systems

These funds go to improve systems that prepare and maintain personnel to teach children with disabilities. Applicants must submit a State Personnel Development Plan that addresses the needs to develop personnel and to aid organizations that provide supportive services to these children.

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