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Justice Fellows Aid Data Improvements
   The program facilitates collaboration between academic scholars and government researchers in survey methodology, statistics, economics and social sciences.
posted 4/17/14 4:17 PM  read complete story

Nonprofits Offer Water Well Loans
   The program has been established to help individuals with low to moderate incomes finance the costs of household water wells that they own or will own.
posted 4/17/14 2:15 PM  read complete story

STEM Program Sees $5M Funding Boost
   The program focuses on improving STEM learning in informal environments. AISL funds will go for six types of projects: (1) Pathways; (2) Research in Service to Practice; (3) Innovations in Development; (4) Broad Implementation; and (5) Conferences, Symposia and Workshops; and (6) Science Learning+ Proposals.
posted 4/17/14 12:12 PM  read complete story

Governments to Adapt Hawaii Best Practice
   Multiple states, counties, cities and tribes are implementing these types of models of supervision for offenders in their communities.
posted 4/17/14 11:06 AM  read complete story

States Vie for Refugee Funding
   States use these funds to promote health and mental health among refugees by promoting community-based outreach, education and orientation. The funding is intended to enhance existing HHS medical assistance programs, such as Medicaid and Refugee Medical Assistance.
posted 4/17/14 10:10 AM  read complete story

Homeless Vet Program Sees Funding Decrease
   Grantees use these funds for programs addressing the multitude of challenges associated with homeless veterans, especially their employment and supportive service needs.
posted 4/17/14 09:33 AM  read complete story

Lending Programs Target Rural Water Systems
   The program provides financial and technical assistance to help communities bring safe drinking water and sanitary, environmentally sound waste disposal facilities to rural Americans.
posted 4/17/14 08:08 AM  read complete story

Policymakers Receive Assistance with Justice Issues
   The program provides the nation’s criminal justice policymakers with objective, fact-based information, resources and training and technical assistance on timely and pressing criminal justice issues.
posted 4/16/14 4:06 PM  read complete story

Personnel to Receive Braille Training
   The program provides training in the use of braille for personnel providing vocational rehabilitation services or educational services to youth and adults who are blind.
posted 4/16/14 2:29 PM  read complete story

Funding Ensures ‘Quitline’ Capacity
   Health departments use these funds to ensure quitline capacity so all callers during a federal media campaign are offered at least one coaching call, either immediately upon calling or by being re-contacted within two to three days.
posted 4/16/14 2:03 PM  read complete story

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