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Federal Foundation Assistance Monitor

Federal Funding

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New Community Service Effort Gets Underway

For the first time, applicants may request AmeriCorps State and National, AmeriCorps VISTA and AmeriCorps NCCC resources in a single application to use national service as the transformative catalyst to address a community’s most pressing local problem.

posted 11/26/14 4:26 PM  read complete story

Grantees to Create Technology Tools

Grantees will: create technology tools that benefit students with disabilities; and develop methods to help a broad range of schools to effectively implement these technology tools. Technology tools include digital math text readers for students with visual impairment and reading software. Delivery methods can include instruction manuals, lesson plans and demonstration videos.

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Governments to Conduct Pricing Pilots

The program supports pilot testing of innovative road and parking value pricing projects. Value pricing, also known as congestion pricing and peak-period pricing, is a way of harnessing the power of the market and reducing the waste associated with congestion. It entails fees or tolls for road use which vary with the level of congestion.

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HIV-Focused Applications Due April 7

These funds go to develop innovative tools and strategies for curing HIV infection through innovative strategies to identify and eliminate reservoir cells. HIV establishes latent infection in long-lived cells that form a reservoir of virus that persists in infected individuals even after years of treatment with highly active antiretroviral therapy.

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Consolidated Solicitation Offers $1B

The grantees use these funds to improve public safety and victim services in tribal communities.

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Brain Research to Lead to New Tool

The grantees will develop and validate tools that analyze complex circuits and provide insights into cellular interactions in brain function. Applications providing approaches breaking through existing technical barriers to substantially improve current capabilities are highly encouraged.

posted 11/25/14 10:06 AM  read complete story

Sites to Aid Nanotechnology Advances

These funds will create new user facility sites offering leading-edge fabrication and characterization tools, instrumentation and expertise within all disciplines of nanoscale science, engineering and technology. The ultimate goal is to enable nanotechnology discoveries and innovations.

posted 11/25/14 08:04 AM  read complete story

Collaboration to Advance Computing Technology

he program will foster novel, transformative, multidisciplinary approaches that promote research in visual and experiential computing technologies, taking into consideration the various challenges present in this field.

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Applicants Can Secure Extended Clinical Trials

The program will support health-related, clinical trials requiring an extended project period of six or seven years. Consultation with NIH staff is strongly encouraged prior to the submission of the clinical trial implementation application.

posted 11/24/14 1:01 PM  read complete story

Agency to Fund Three Types of Diabetes Research

The grantees will conduct research on the impact of age on the development, diagnosis, and management of diabetes and cardiovascular disease complications in older persons. The goals of the research include creating new screening and treatment methods.

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