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Agency Offers Unique Environmental Opportunity
   The objectives are to administer and conduct the training of postdoctoral fellows, graduate students and undergraduate students in areas of environmental research with a focus on increasing public knowledge and training new scientists.
posted 9/29/14 10:20 AM  read complete story

Community Environmental Project to Receive Awards
   The program supports locally-driven, community-based marine debris prevention, assessment and removal projects that will benefit coastal habitat and waterways.
posted 9/26/14 1:54 PM  read complete story

Creative Placemaking Program Starts FY 2015 Competition
   The program aids these projects that enhance livability of the nationís communities by transforming them into lively, beautiful and resilient places with the arts at their core.
posted 9/26/14 11:51 AM  read complete story

Loan Programs Assist Low-Income Families
   Grantees will establish loan programs for the preservation and revitalization of rural low-income multi-family housing.
posted 9/26/14 10:31 AM  read complete story

Community Development Initiative Sees $7M Increase
   These funds go to create and expand specialized financial institutions working in market niches underserved by traditional financial institutions.
posted 9/26/14 09:48 AM  read complete story

Demonstration Project to Preserve Affordable Rental Housing
   Under the demonstration program, existing Sec. 515 (multi-family housing) loans and Secs. 514/516 (off-farm labor housing) loans will be restructured to ensure that sufficient resources are available to preserve the ability of rental projects to provide safe and affordable housing for very low-, low-, or moderate-income residents.
posted 9/26/14 08:30 AM  read complete story

Clinical Trials to Develop Manuals, Protocol
   These funds go for the planning and design of clinical studies to test behavioral or social interventions to prevent dental and craniofacial diseases.
posted 9/26/14 07:46 AM  read complete story

Native Communities to Benefit from Treasury Funding
   These awards focus solely on increasing the access to credit, capital and financial services in native communities.
posted 9/25/14 3:44 PM  read complete story

Public-Private Competition Sees $2M Increase
   These funds go for higher education-business partnerships to turn innovative ideas discovered through research into winning business practices. The ultimate goal is to develop the next generation STEM workforce.
posted 9/25/14 1:27 PM  read complete story

Pilots to Test War-Related Mental Health Treatments
   The grantees will create a pilot program and establish a process for randomized placebo-controlled clinical trials of investigational treatments.
posted 9/25/14 12:40 PM  read complete story

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