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Federal Foundation Assistance Monitor

Federal Funding

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Funding Goes to Study Societal Impact on STEM Disciplines

The program supports research that uses historical, philosophical and social scientific methods to investigate the intellectual, material and social facets of the STEM disciplines.

posted 10/23/14 3:52 PM  read complete story

Grantees to Conduct Major Research

The program seeks to increase access to shared scientific and engineering instruments for research and research training at colleges and universities, nonprofit museums, science centers and scientific/engineering research organizations.

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Robotic Initiative to Award $50M in Grants

The program accelerates the development and use of robots in the United States that work beside or cooperatively with people. The goal is to develop the next generation of robotics from planning to managing and deployment.

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Program Funds Brownfields Planning

This particular program provides funding to inventory, characterize, assess and conduct planning (including cleanup planning) and community involvement related to brownfield sites.

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$18.1M Goes for Cleanup

These funds must be used to conduct cleanup activities at a specific brownfield site owned by the applicant.

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Language Preservation Grants Due March 4

The program focuses on ensuring the preservation of Native American languages. The funding is doled out each year through a standing solicitation, which sets the deadlines for three fiscal years.

posted 10/22/14 09:59 AM  read complete story

Collaborative Research Efforts Vie for Funding

The program supports centers where at least six investigators are sharing resources and facilities and conducting a wide range of neuroscience research. The proposed centers must conduct research that is difficult or impractical to support in individual labs.

posted 10/21/14 2:37 PM  read complete story

Research to Focus on Cognitive Improvements

Through two types of funding vehicles , the program funds clinical research focused on biobehavioral or technological interventions to reduce cognitive decline in individuals with dementia, mild cognitive impairment or disease- or age-related cognitive decline.

posted 10/20/14 10:15 AM  read complete story

K-12 Schools to Benefit from Environmental Funding

The program funds environmental education program that promotes locally relevant, experiential learning in the K-12 environment

posted 10/20/14 08:10 AM  read complete story

$93M to Aid Veteran Families through Housing

The program provides supportive services to low-income veterans' families in permanent housing or those who are homeless and awaiting housing. The funds may be used for 30 days of emergency housing for homeless families with children under age 18.

posted 10/17/14 4:08 PM  read complete story

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