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Federal Foundation Assistance Monitor

Federal Funding

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States to Improve Disability Education Systems

These funds go to improve systems that prepare and maintain personnel to teach children with disabilities. Applicants must submit a State Personnel Development Plan that addresses the needs to develop personnel and to aid organizations that provide supportive services to these children.

posted 12/17/14 2:03 PM  read complete story

Agency Changes Deadline for STEM Program

These funds go to identify factors to ensure ethical STEM researchers in all the fields of science and engineering NSF supports. Proposals are strongly encouraged from minority-serving institutions, women's colleges and institutions -- primarily serving persons with disabilities.

posted 12/17/14 12:15 PM  read complete story

Nearly $7M to Improve HIV Prevention

The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (HHS) offers two HIV prevention-focused solicitations that will award a grant each.

posted 12/17/14 10:14 AM  read complete story

Arts Initiative to Target Underserved Populations

Grantees use these funds to expand the reach of the arts to underserved populations. Outcomes should include: (1) engaging the public with diverse and excellent art; and (2) strengthening communities through arts.

posted 12/17/14 08:12 AM  read complete story

Nurses Are Encouraged to Become Anesthetists

The grantees will provide traineeship support for licensed registered nurses enrolled as full-time students in a masterís or doctoral nurse anesthesia program. Traineeships will pay full or partial costs.

posted 12/16/14 4:10 PM  read complete story

Arts Program Sets Deadlines

The program supports: (1) creating art that meets high standards of excellence; (2) public engagement with art; (3) lifelong learning in the arts; and (4) strengthening communities through the arts.

posted 12/16/14 2:08 PM  read complete story

Education Centers to Assist Parents of Children with Disabilities

The centers help parents of children with disabilities meet education goals.

posted 12/16/14 10:02 AM  read complete story

Grants to Improve Jobs Picture for Court-Involved Youth

The overall goal is to improve the long-term labor market prospects of court-involved youth.

posted 12/16/14 07:58 AM  read complete story

Dentistry Programs to Target Underserved

The program improves access to oral health care services for all individuals, particularly low income, underserved, uninsured, underrepresented minority, health disparity and rural populations.

posted 12/15/14 3:56 PM  read complete story

Partnerships to Create Apprenticeship Programs

This new funding program will support innovative work-based learning and post-secondary earn-and- learn models that meet national standards.

posted 12/15/14 1:54 PM  read complete story

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