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Federal Foundation Assistance Monitor

Federal Funding

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Pilots to Improve Worker Safety

Pilot grants assist organizations demonstrating a potential for meeting the objectives of the Susan Harwood Training Grant Program, but that need to assess capabilities and formulate objectives before moving forward into developing a full-scale program. Grantees will be required to initiate limited program operations during the 12-month grant period.

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Schools to Make Emergency Repairs

The program provides grants for emergency repairs and modernization of school facilities for school districts receiving Impact Aid formula funding. The overall Impact Aid goal is to provide funding for school districts impacted by serving large numbers of Native American, military and low-income children.

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Training to Focus on Certain Topics

Grantees will provide training and education programs for workers and employers on safety and health hazards in the workplace and inform workers of their rights and employers of their responsibilities under federal law.

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$500M to Improve Surface Transportation

The program provides capital funding for surface transportation infrastructure. The proposed projects must have a significant impact on the nation, a metropolitan area or a region. At least 20% of the funding must go for projects in rural areas.

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Multimedia Projects to Advance Humanities

The program supports projects, such as websites, mobile applications, games and virtual environments, significantly contributing to the publicís humanities engagement. Projects must be focus on a humanities discipline, including history, religion, anthropology or art history.

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Homeless Vet Program Sees Funding Decrease

Grantees use these funds for programs addressing the multitude of challenges associated with homeless veterans, especially their employment and supportive service needs.

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Research to Study Fatherhood, Marriage

The program supports dissertation research on healthy marriage and responsible fatherhood policy issues. Those focusing on underserved populations including low-income families and minorities and utilizing rigorous research methodologies will receive preferential treatment.

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Devices to Address Rural Overdoses

The program reduces the incidences of morbidity and mortality related to opioid overdoses in rural communities. The funding will go for the purchase and placement of emergency devices used to rapidly reverse the effects of opioid overdoses and the training of licensed healthcare professionals and emergency responders on the use of these devices.

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Agency Offers 17 Types of Fellowships

These fellowships help meet EPAís goal to encourage promising students to obtain advanced degrees and pursue careers in environmental fields.

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Individuals with Disabilities to Receive Employment Assistance

The program helps individuals with disabilities and their families engaged in production agriculture succeed in the industry. The primary function is to support state and regional projects in developing their capacity to meet these objectives.

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