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Awards up to $100K Strengthen Fresh Food Movement
   The funding improves relationships between schools and local food producers to ensure fresh, local products are used in school lunch and breakfast programs.
posted 9/16/14 4:05 PM  read complete story

NIH Offers Three Types of Funding to Pinpoint Alcohol Abuse Trends
   These funds will go for the secondary analysis of existing data to pinpoint patterns of alcohol consumption. The goals are to increase the understanding of the incidence, prevalence and etiology of alcohol-related problems and disorders, as well as the risk and protective factors associated with them.
posted 9/16/14 09:59 AM  read complete story

Nearly $1M Goes for Sustainability Efforts
   EPA is seeking applications proposing to research, develop and design solutions to real world challenges involving the overall sustainability of human society. Phase I grantees research, develop and design solutions to real world sustainability challenges facing society. Phase II grantees are those who have successfully researched and designed a solution, and will use the funding to implement it.
posted 9/16/14 07:57 AM  read complete story

More Service Areas Up for Grabs
   The program funds HIV primary care in the outpatient setting to low-income and medically underserved populations. Applicants must offer comprehensive services including: (1) targeted HIV counseling, testing and referral; (2) medical evaluation and clinical care; (3) other primary care services; and (4) referrals to other health services. The agency seeks applications from new applicants and existing grantees to ensure services are provided in 54 areas. The application includes a list of the geographic areas.
posted 9/15/14 3:55 PM  read complete story

Grantees to Create Health Manuscripts
   The grantees prepare book-length manuscripts and other scholarly works of value to U.S. health professionals, public health officials, biomedical researchers and historians of the health sciences.
posted 9/15/14 1:54 PM  read complete story

Graduate Students to Improve Programs
   The funding goes for graduate and undergraduate students to conduct research on geologic mapping to expand earth science programs at colleges and universities.
posted 9/15/14 10:41 AM  read complete story

New Center to Provide Child Health Data
   he Health Resources & Services Admin. (HHS) seeks applications for a $750,000 award to run the Nat'l Maternal and Child Health Data Resource Center (CFDA Number: 93.110) (Funding Opportunity Number: HRSA-15-108).
posted 9/15/14 08:37 AM  read complete story

Researchers to Enhance Pediatric Cancer Treatments, Services
   The grantees will develop rigorous pre-clinical testing systems for infants with certain types of cancerous tumors. The goal is to generate reliable data to improve services and care for these infants.
posted 9/12/14 4:23 PM  read complete story

Awards up $275K to Improve Medication Adherence
   These funds go for research on interventions to significantly improve medication adherence in individuals. Researches can focus on interventions for a single illness or a disease or condition that requires multiple medications.
posted 9/12/14 2:21 PM  read complete story

$305M Goes to Reduce Tobacco Use
   These funds will aid collaborations between state health departments and community partners to reduce tobacco use. Those focusing on decreasing early tobacco use in youth receive preference.
posted 9/12/14 12:19 PM  read complete story

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