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Grantees to Improve Rehab Robotics
   The grantees will improve rehabilitation robotic technology to better assist health care providers and individuals in need of rehabilitation.
posted 8/21/14 4:06 PM  read complete story

HIV Primary Care Program Sees $19M Increase
   The program provides HIV primary care in the outpatient setting to low-income and medically underserved populations.
posted 8/21/14 11:50 AM  read complete story

Schools to Receive Conservation Education
   The grantees will oversee programs providing meaningful, hands-on educational experiences for students and teachers on environmental priorities in the Gulf of Mexico
posted 8/21/14 09:53 AM  read complete story

Institute to Improve American Indian Services
   The training institute will help ensure American Indian will disabilities will receive proper rehabilitation services through preparing personnel to deal with their unique needs. Public and private colleges and universities can apply for the grant.
posted 8/21/14 07:46 AM  read complete story

Research Teams to Focus on Pediatric Trauma
   The program encourages multidisciplinary collaborations targeting gaps in research on pediatric trauma and injury prevention. Applicants must propose a team science approach.
posted 8/20/14 3:44 PM  read complete story

Colleges, Universities Vie for Engineering Funds
   These funds go for colleges and universities to improve their undergraduate engineering and computer science departments to better prepare students to solve 21st century challenges.
posted 8/20/14 1:43 PM  read complete story

Preschool Competition Offers $250M to States
   States will receive these funds to (1) build or enhance a preschool program infrastructure that would enable the delivery of high-quality services to children; and (2) expand high-quality preschool programs focusing on 4-year-olds from low- and moderate-income families in targeted communities.
posted 8/20/14 12:41 PM  read complete story

$17M Examines Interactions between Humans, Nature
   The program supports interdisciplinary research that examines the complex interactions among human and nature.
posted 8/20/14 10:16 AM  read complete story

Collaboration Among Centers Sought
   The centers conduct complex, long-term research and education projects on science or engineering topics.
posted 8/20/14 08:15 AM  read complete story

Cybersecurity Efforts Can Receive Funding Boost
   Grantees will help the agency meet its cybersecurity strategic plans.
posted 8/19/14 4:13 PM  read complete story

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