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Partnerships Focus on At-Risk Populations
   These funds go for regional partnerships coordinating programs and services to increase the well-being of children who are in out-of-home placements or are at risk of being placed in one as a result of a parent's or caretaker's substance abuse.
posted 4/18/14 3:20 PM  read complete story

Funds Enhance Cold Case Investigations
   Governments use these funds to identify, review and investigate "violent crime cold cases" with the potential to be solved using DNA analysis. The funds may be used to locate and analyze biological evidence associated with these cases.
posted 4/18/14 2:18 PM  read complete story

Agency Seeks Applicants for Three ‘Now’ Solicitations
   The program will improve access to treatment and support services for youth and young adults ages 16-25, who have or are at risk of developing a serious mental health condition. Funding goes to: raise mental health awareness; promote screening and detection; conduct outreach and engagement activities; provide referrals to treatment; coordinate care; and pinpoint evidence-informed treatments.
posted 4/18/14 12:16 PM  read complete story

Statewide Mental Health Programs in the Works
   The program expands the capacity of SEAs to: increase awareness of mental health issues among school-aged youth; provide training for school personnel to detect and respond to mental health issues in children and young adults; and connect children, youth and families who may have behavioral health issues with appropriate services.
posted 4/18/14 12:14 PM  read complete story

EPA Offers Six Types of Fellowships
   The program supports quality environmental education for undergraduates. The program encourages fellows to continue their education beyond the baccalaureate level and pursue careers in environmentally-related fields, such as physics, biology, health, the social sciences and engineering.
posted 4/18/14 10:13 AM  read complete story

Nearly $10M Goes for Mental Health Training
   School districts use these funds to train school personnel and other adults who interact with youth in both school settings and communities to detect and respond to mental illness in children and youth.
posted 4/18/14 09:12 AM  read complete story

Agencies to Adopt Data-Driven Practices
   Grantees will help state, local and tribal criminal justice agencies adopt innovative justice information sharing solutions through training and technical assistance services.
posted 4/18/14 08:19 AM  read complete story

Justice Fellows Aid Data Improvements
   The program facilitates collaboration between academic scholars and government researchers in survey methodology, statistics, economics and social sciences.
posted 4/17/14 4:17 PM  read complete story

Nonprofits Offer Water Well Loans
   The program has been established to help individuals with low to moderate incomes finance the costs of household water wells that they own or will own.
posted 4/17/14 2:15 PM  read complete story

STEM Program Sees $5M Funding Boost
   The program focuses on improving STEM learning in informal environments. AISL funds will go for six types of projects: (1) Pathways; (2) Research in Service to Practice; (3) Innovations in Development; (4) Broad Implementation; and (5) Conferences, Symposia and Workshops; and (6) Science Learning+ Proposals.
posted 4/17/14 12:12 PM  read complete story

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