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(CITIES) FAM Readers Can Follow Development of Best Practices
   FAM readers should follow the progress of the efforts of two cities to improve city services, including those for homeless and crime victims. Atlanta and New Orleans were among the first awardees to receive Innovation Delivery Team Grants from the Bloomberg Philanthropies' Mayors Project. The proj...
posted 7/19/11 06:51 AM  read complete story

(RURAL) TN Uses Recovery Funds for Mobile Job Training, Service Initiative
   Tennessee uses Recovery Act funding to provide 'Career Coaches' in rural areas, run by the state's Labor & Workforce Development Dept. The coaches are three vehicles that will travel the state to bring job matching and training services to the unemployed in rural areas. The mobile offices off...
posted 4/19/11 06:46 AM  read complete story

(WORKFORCE) UT Funds Innovative Higher Education-Industry Partnerships
   Utah approves funding to continue successful higher education and workforce endeavors in the state.   The successful Utah Science Technology & Research (USTAR) Initiative receives $27.5 million. USTAR is the state's primary initiative to grow a knowledge-based economy. The funding provides...
posted 4/7/11 06:05 AM  read complete story

(FUNDRAISING) Labor Dept. Site Great Source for Best Practice Collaborations
   Editor's note: This is the first in a series of stories to help FAM readers find best practice information. All types of funding are focusing on adapting winning programs, instead of reinventing the wheel. This series will uncover where to find winning efforts to adapt. Funders, whether federal, st...
posted 3/23/11 06:30 AM  read complete story

(EDUCATION) Delaware Creates $8.2M Data Coaching Program
   Using $8.2 million in Recovery Act funding, the Delaware Education Dept., in partnership with Wireless Generation, implements a two-year, data coaching program. Through the program, Delaware teachers in all grades across the state will broaden and deepen their ability to use their own varied stude...
posted 3/16/11 06:45 AM  read complete story

(HIGHER EDUCATION) NGA Report Provides Wealth of State Best Practices
   The Nat'l Governors Association Center for Best Practices (NGA Center) offers a new report to help states increase the proportion of adults with postsecondary education and training. Improving Postsecondary Attainment among Adults suggest focusing on the following four policy areas, because they ar...
posted 3/9/11 06:41 AM  read complete story

(WORKFORCE) Goodwill Succeeds by Matching Needs with Foundation Giving
   Goodwill succeeds in receiving a $2.5 million grant for a new women's employment program from Walmart Foundation by matching its needs with the giver's overall giving strategy. Beyond Jobs empowers single mothers with all the tools they need to find employment, succeed in the workplace and permanen...
posted 2/11/11 06:39 AM  read complete story

(WORKFORCE) NE Focuses on New Grant Programs to Spur Job Creation
   Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman (R) unveils a new Talent & Innovation Initiative focused on spurring job creation and economic growth through focusing on creating new companies, growing existing businesses and finding in-state job opportunities for college students. Provisions include: An Angel...
posted 1/27/11 06:18 AM  read complete story

(EDUCATION) Louisiana Latest State to Promote Biz-Charter School Partnering
   Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) offers legislation that would encourage and support partnerships between businesses and new charter schools. The proposal would allow businesses to: (1) provide facilities or land to a new charter school; (2) partner with schools to provide or support career counsel...
posted 1/26/11 06:53 AM  read complete story

(MENTAL HEALTH) ND Looks to Cut Costs by Focusing On Community Care
   The initial budget proposal for North Dakota's new governor, Jack Dalrymple (R), includes increased funding to provide community-based mental health and substance abuse treatment, thus decreasing the burden of uncompensated care on private hospitals. The funds would improve access to local facilit...
posted 12/23/10 06:48 AM  read complete story

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