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Community Food Funding is a Safe FY 2015 Bet
   These projects have three overall goals to: (1) meet the food needs of low-income individuals; (2) increase the self-reliance of communities in providing for their own food needs; and (3) promote comprehensive responses to local food, farm and nutrition issues.
posted 8/12/14 12:29 PM  read complete story

Arrest Program Comments Due Oct. 6
   The program ensures proper policies are in place for the criminal justice system to hold domestic violence-related offenders accountable for their actions.
posted 8/6/14 3:46 PM  read complete story

Upcoming Solicitation to Aid Career Advancement
   DoEd and DOL are currently collaborating on a $25 million Online Skills Academy solicitation that will support the development of a platform to enable high-quality, free or low-cost pathways to degrees, certificates, or other employer-recognized credentials.
posted 8/1/14 1:55 PM  read complete story

HUD Starts Homeless Funding Process
   The Housing and Urban Development Dept. sets the registration deadline to compete for FY 2014 Continuum of Care funding – the leading source of funds for the nation’s homeless programs.
posted 7/23/14 10:20 AM  read complete story

Financial Literacy Grants Tentatively Due in Late October
   The program provides five-year grants to empower low-income families to become economically self-sufficient for the long-term. Participants receive financial education training on money management issues and special matched savings accounts called Individual Development Accounts.
posted 7/18/14 2:14 PM  read complete story

Latest ‘Higher Education Monitor’ Now Available
   With the federal and private funding focus on job training and higher education, we encourage readers to take advantage of our sister publication -- Higher Education Monitor (HEM) -- available at no extra cost. The publication keeps subscribers informed about numerous higher education funding opportunities and policy news covered by FAM each month.
posted 7/9/14 10:23 AM  read complete story

Fatherhood Forum Attracts Attention
   Nonprofits looking for an effective method to start engaging noncustodial fathers in their children’s lives, especially minorities should take a look at a Detroit-area program recently highlighted by DoEd’s Center for Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships.
posted 7/1/14 10:19 AM  read complete story

Campus Violence Solicitation Expected Early Next Year
   Public and private colleges and universities use these funds to adopt comprehensive programs to address domestic violence issues on their campuses.
posted 6/23/14 08 AM  read complete story

Student Loan Debt Alleviation Push Underway
   President Obama continues his quest to lessen the student loan-debt burden for millions of Americans, implementing several provisions on June 9 and holding many events to push Congress to pass a Senate Democratic bill (S 2432) aimed at helping more student loan borrowers refinance.
posted 6/16/14 4:45 PM  read complete story

Influential Organizations to Oversee Tax Credits
   Those looking for funding to revitalize their communities should be aware of efforts at the Local Initiatives Support Corp. and Primary Care Development Corp.
posted 6/13/14 10:15 AM  read complete story

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