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Federal Foundation Assistance Monitor

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All-Star Grantmaking in the Works

This program recognizes current HBCU students for their dedication to academics, leadership and civic engagement. Nominees submit a nomination package containing a signed nomination form, unofficial transcripts, short essay, resume and endorsement letter. The package provides the tools necessary to select current HBCU students who are excelling academically and making differences in their community.

posted 2/27/15 4:41 PM  read complete story

Minority College Solicitation Due This Spring

The program focuses on improving science and engineering programs at predominantly minority colleges and universities, increasing the number of minorities -- particularly minority women, -- pursuing scientific and technological careers.

posted 2/19/15 11:37 AM  read complete story

Agency Delays Healthy Marriage Solicitation

An Admin. for Children and Families (HHS) program official tells FAM a $51.5 million healthy marriage solicitation has been delayed by two months.

posted 2/9/15 4:39 PM  read complete story

New Prison-Based Centers to Reduce Recidivism

The grantees will develop and operate satellite American Job Centers correctional facilities to address the employment barriers of incarcerated offenders as they transition into the community and the workforce.

posted 2/6/15 12:02 PM  read complete story

Asset Building Competition to Begin in March

The Admin. for Children and Families (HHS) is planning to reissue a new version in March to guide funding for the Assets for Independence Demonstration Program (CFDA Number: 93.602) (Funding Opportunity Number: HHS-2015-ACF-OCS-EI-1005).

posted 1/29/15 3:23 PM  read complete story

Upcoming Solicitation to Provide Health Care Training

The program will fund demonstration projects to provide low-income individuals with the opportunity to obtain education and training for occupations in the health care field that pay well and are expected to either experience labor shortages or be in high demand.

posted 1/22/15 3:51 PM  read complete story

Family Programs to Aid At-Risk Youth

Grantees will conduct a Family Group Decision-Making program to effectively support families with at-risk children and analyze the implementation and impact of the initiative. Potential applicants should be prepared to collect a healthy amount of data on the demonstrations, mainly through partnerships with public and private colleges and universities.

posted 1/14/15 10:32 AM  read complete story

States to Enhance Drug Abuse Prevention

The program will provide state health departments with the guidance and resources to address the problematic opioid prescribing driving the prescription drug overdose epidemic. States receiving funding must address prescribing on multiple fronts.

posted 1/6/15 08:22 AM  read complete story

Upcoming Demonstrations to Focus on Child Hunger

The Food and Nutrition Service (USDA) is preparing a solicitation to choose five Demonstration Projects to Childhood Hunger, as well as accompanying evaluation of the projects.

posted 1/2/15 10:12 AM  read complete story

Second ĎFirstí Competition in the Works

The program provides incentives and rewards for innovation and building evidence of what works to reduce costs and improve outcomes in postsecondary education. This program is part of the administrationís ongoing efforts to significantly improve the nationís higher education graduation rate by 2020.

posted 12/18/14 2:13 PM  read complete story

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