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Agency ‘Gearing Up’ for Grantmaking
   The program provides financial support for academic and related support services that eligible low-income students need to enable them to obtain a secondary school diploma and to prepare for and succeed in postsecondary education.
posted 4/22/14 11:17 AM  read complete story

Agency Seeks Comments on Improving Its Data
   The Education Dept. seeks input on specific ways it can improve innovation, transparency and access to its data, particularly through the use of application programming interfaces or APIs.
posted 4/17/14 10:20 AM  read complete story

Family Demonstrations in the Works
   Grantees will: conduct a Family Group Decision-Making program to effectively support families with at-risk children and analyze the implementation and impact of the initiative. Potential applicants should be prepared to collect a healthy amount of data on the demonstrations, mainly through partnerships with public and private colleges and universities.
posted 4/10/14 1:58 PM  read complete story

Approximately $22M to Go for Homeless Veteran Rehab
   Grantees will use these funds to rehabilitate their homeless facilities to improve services for veterans. This includes the ability to meet the safety, security and privacy issues associated with their homeless veteran populations. VA expects awardees to complete the rehabilitation within 18 months of the award.
posted 4/2/14 09:29 AM  read complete story

‘Gainful’ Comment Deadline Set
   Under the proposal, career programs would need to meet key requirements to establish they sufficiently prepare students for gainful employment.
posted 3/28/14 3:09 PM  read complete story

Retailer Latest to Join Manufacturing Innovation Movement
   The new Walmart U.S. Manufacturing Innovation Fund, created by the corporation and its foundation and the U.S. Conference of Mayors, will provide $10 million in ongoing efforts to revive manufacturing in the United States.
posted 3/21/14 08:10 AM  read complete story

Asset Building Program Has Two FY 2014 Deadlines
   The program provides five-year grants to empower low-income families to become economically self-sufficient for the long-term.
posted 3/14/14 08:08 AM  read complete story

Job Creation, Anti-Poverty Major Focuses of FY 2015 Proposal
   President Obama sends his FY 2015 budget blueprint to Congress on March 4, including a proposal for a $60 billion extension of the Earned Income Tax Credit, a popular anti-poverty and job creation program.
posted 3/5/14 4:30 PM  read complete story

Solicitation for New Program Delayed a Month
   This fellowship program will develop a new generation of scholars focused on preventing child maltreatment.
posted 2/28/14 07:57 AM  read complete story

New $150M ‘Ready’ Program on the Way
   This new program will use approximately $150 million in revenues from the H-1B visa program to support partnerships helping long-term unemployed individuals with a range of services and training to fill middle and high-skill jobs.
posted 2/19/14 4:14 PM  read complete story

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