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Federal Foundation Assistance Monitor

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Agency Releases ‘Independence’ Solicitation

The program provides five-year grants to empower low-income families to become economically self-sufficient for the long-term. Participants receive financial education training on money management issues and special matched savings accounts called Individual Development Accounts.

posted 4/17/15 3:32 PM  read complete story

Trail Grantmaking to Commence in Summer

These grants build or repair trails, protect trail corridors and support trail outreach and volunteer programs.

posted 4/8/15 11:12 AM  read complete story

DoEd Starts ‘Investing’ Grantmaking

The overall program supports creative strategies to improve K-12 student achievement. It rewards innovative education practices that improve student achievement.

posted 4/1/15 3:36 PM  read complete story

Subscribers Receive Advance Notice of $5M in Grantmaking

These funds will create centers of excellence in immigrant and refugee health. The overall objectives are to: (1) implement long term surveillance and follow up to inform policy; (2) enhance guideline development to improve and standardize the clinical care of immigrants and refugees; (3) orient refugees and provide tools to improve medical follow-up compliance;(4) improve the health education of healthcare providers, community agencies and employers to better serve resettling refugee populations; (5) establish portable electronic medical records for immigrants and refugees to improve continuity of care; and (6) establish a clinical consultation service to manage refugees with complex medical conditions.

posted 3/27/15 12:09 PM  read complete story

Tribal Solicitation Expected Early Next Month

The grantees will conduct demonstration projects providing Native Americans with the opportunity to obtain education and training for occupations in the health care field that pay well and are expected to either experience labor shortages or be in high demand. In addition to providing education and training services, funds may be used for child care, case management, and other supportive services.

posted 3/20/15 3:48 PM  read complete story

$30.5M to Address Youth Employment

Grantees will develop programs to address the employment barriers of court involved youth (ages 14 to 24) while helping these youth develop the employment skills needed to obtain good jobs. The core project components for these grants include: case management; mentoring; educational interventions; service-learning; occupational training in demand industries which lead to industry-recognized credentials; workforce activities leading to employment; follow-up activities; and expungement and diversion. The expungement and diversion components will be provided through the juvenile justice system and nonprofit legal services organizations.

posted 3/12/15 11:48 AM  read complete story

Foundation Cancels Competition, but Alternatives Available

While the foundation likely won’t hold a 2015 competition, several other sources are available.

posted 3/6/15 12:08 PM  read complete story

All-Star Grantmaking in the Works

This program recognizes current HBCU students for their dedication to academics, leadership and civic engagement. Nominees submit a nomination package containing a signed nomination form, unofficial transcripts, short essay, resume and endorsement letter. The package provides the tools necessary to select current HBCU students who are excelling academically and making differences in their community.

posted 2/27/15 4:41 PM  read complete story

Minority College Solicitation Due This Spring

The program focuses on improving science and engineering programs at predominantly minority colleges and universities, increasing the number of minorities -- particularly minority women, -- pursuing scientific and technological careers.

posted 2/19/15 11:37 AM  read complete story

Agency Delays Healthy Marriage Solicitation

An Admin. for Children and Families (HHS) program official tells FAM a $51.5 million healthy marriage solicitation has been delayed by two months.

posted 2/9/15 4:39 PM  read complete story

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