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Agency Foresees Teen Pregnancy Funding Boost
   The Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health (HHS) is planning major changes for a previously announced upcoming solicitation to uncover innovative approaches to prevent teen pregnancy.
posted 9/15/14 11:52 AM  read complete story

Continuing Resolution to be Finalized Soon
   The House and Senate expected to come to terms on a “clean” continuing resolution by Sept. 23 to keep the government running past the Oct. 1 start of the new fiscal year.
posted 9/11/14 3:27 PM  read complete story

FY 2015 Grantmaking Underway, But Exploring Private Opportunities Helpful
   Although the FY 2015 budget totals likely won’t be finalized by the beginning of the fiscal year on Oct. 1, FAM subscribers shouldn’t be too worried, because a continuing resolution will keep federal funding flowing until differences are resolved. Additionally, in the meantime, private funding opportunities can be explored.
posted 9/4/14 11:23 AM  read complete story

New Program to Solve Local Community Problems
   The Corp. for Nat’l and Community Service is gearing up for a new competition later this year, accepting informal comments on its draft plan for the foreseeable future.
posted 8/29/14 3:43 PM  read complete story

Walmart, Mayors Prepping ‘Innovation’ Solicitation
   The Walmart U.S. Manufacturing Innovation Fund, created by the corporation and its foundation, and the U.S. Conference of Mayors, makes its first awards and plans for a second round of funding to get underway early next year.
posted 8/21/14 3:45 PM  read complete story

Arts-Based Grantmaking Season Imminent
   The “creative placemaking” concept focuses on forming partnerships among public, private, nonprofit and community sectors to strategically shape the physical and social character of a neighborhood, town, city or region around arts and cultural activities.
posted 8/15/14 11:58 AM  read complete story

Ryan’s Draft Sparks Safety Net Discussions
   A House Republican anti-poverty draft proposal, Expanding Opportunity in America, controversially calls for the merging of 11 entitlement programs into a block grant called the Opportunity Grant Program.
posted 8/8/14 09:15 AM  read complete story

Colleges, Universities Can Apply for Experiments
   DoEd seeks applications from colleges and universities to become “experimental sites”  or ex-sites to test certain innovative practices aimed at providing better, faster and more flexible paths to academic and career success. Colleges and universities disbursing federal studen...
posted 8/1/14 11:52 AM  read complete story

Funding Commitments Continue to Increase for Popular Movement
   The White House continues to attract private funders and find new pots of federal funding for its My Brother’s Keeper initiatives with more than $100 million in new commitments recently announced.
posted 7/25/14 12:10 PM  read complete story

New Apprenticeship Funding Coming This Fall
   The Employment & Training Admin. (DOL) is preparing a solicitation that will offer $100 million in existing H-1B funds for a new funding program -- the American Apprenticeship Grants. The new program will reward partnerships to help more workers participate in apprenticeships.
posted 7/18/14 10:05 AM  read complete story

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