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New Apprenticeship Funding Coming This Fall
   The Employment & Training Admin. (DOL) is preparing a solicitation that will offer $100 million in existing H-1B funds for a new funding program -- the American Apprenticeship Grants. The new program will reward partnerships to help more workers participate in apprenticeships.
posted 7/18/14 10:05 AM  read complete story

Debate Doesn’t Halt ‘Gainful’ Advancement
   As Republicans continue to battle the Education Department’s ‘gainful employment’ rulemaking, the agency continues to crackdown on for-profit higher education institutions with inferior track records in helping their graduates secure quality jobs, a cornerstone of the proposed regulations.
posted 7/10/14 09:06 AM  read complete story

Letter Continues to Push Female Involvement in Initiative
   President Obama receives an open letter signed by 1,000 women and girls of color calling for inclusion of girls and young women in the My Brother’s Keeper initiative.
posted 7/2/14 11:03 AM  read complete story

Cities Receive Accolades for Comprehensive Obesity Programs
   The Nat’l Civic League recognizes 10 communities for their efforts to successfully address obesity, chronic illness and physical inactivity and create safe routes to school and walkable communities.
posted 6/26/14 3:52 PM  read complete story

Agency Wants to Reinvigorate Justice System
   The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (DOJ) offers more details about its Smart on Juvenile Justice Strategy, a public-private partnership to improve the nation’s response to juvenile offenders.
posted 6/20/14 3:06 PM  read complete story

Plans to Guide ‘Keeper’ Funding
   The White House and foundations participating in the new My Brother’s Keeper initiative offer their plans to direct federal and private funding to meet the program’s goal of improving outcomes for African American males.
posted 6/13/14 1:11 PM  read complete story

$75M to Focus on College Fit, Readiness
   The program provides financial support for academic and related support services that eligible low-income students need to enable them to obtain a secondary school diploma and to prepare for and succeed in postsecondary education.
posted 6/6/14 09:11 AM  read complete story

WIA Reauthorization Imminent
   In a show of bipartisanship, Congress is poised to pass the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (bill not yet numbered), a bill to reauthorize the outdated Workforce Investment Act.
posted 5/30/14 11:56 AM  read complete story

Expert Recommends Measures for Minority-Serving Institutions
   A recent Senate Health, Education, Labor & Pensions hearing on reauthorizing the Higher Education Act offers insights into benefits of minority-serving institutions (MSIs), as well as how these colleges and universities can help with the White House’s “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative.
posted 5/21/14 2:19 PM  read complete story

Movement Continues to Attract Attention, Funding
   As the White House begins its My Brother’s Keeper work in earnest, a new report finds initiatives like the public-private endeavor are necessary to ensure the Black Male Achievement Movement is successful.
posted 5/16/14 11:13 AM  read complete story

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