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Community Health Funding Report

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Reports, Research, Resources

Reports, Research, Resources

posted 3/22/12 1:26 PM  read complete story

If Mandate Ends, What Happens to ACA and the Uninsured?

The Rand Corporation issues a report providing ammunition for both proponents and opponents of the Affordable Care Act's individual mandate provisions. The report finds that eliminating the mandate would:

posted 3/16/12 11:27 AM  read complete story

Surgeon General Promotes New Anti-Smoking Push

The Surgeon General has issued a new call to action aimed at reducing smoking among young people

posted 3/14/12 07:47 AM  read complete story

Communities and Research Conference Coming

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and the Office of Human Research Protections will hold

posted 2/22/12 2:22 PM  read complete story

Not a Grant, but Health Providers can Still Benefit from UnitedHealth Initiative

UnitedHealth Group will continue participating in the "A Billion + Change" initiative, which encourages UHG employees

posted 2/17/12 11 AM  read complete story

Southern Colleges to Get Encouragement for Students to Focus on Health Careers

Five historically black colleges and universities in the South will receive a visit from the Tour for Diversity in Medicine, an Aetna, Inc., supported initiative designed to encourage tudents at these schools to pursue careers in medicine.

posted 1/30/12 3:58 PM  read complete story

Cancer Screening: Disparities Should Be Addressed

A report from the Centers for the Disease Control & Prevention offers ammunition for advocates supporting cancer screening for minority populations

posted 1/27/12 11:28 AM  read complete story

Research will Test Model HIV Intervention Program

The Department of Health and Human Services will collect and analyze data from the MyLife MyStyle HIV prevention intervention, which serves young African American MSM ages 18-29 in Los Angeles County.

posted 1/23/12 11:05 AM  read complete story

Medicaid Reform: Potential Benefits, Costs

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation issues a look at the potential financial and care aspects of the Affordable Care Act's Medicaid

posted 1/17/12 1:25 PM  read complete story

AHA Issues 2010 Data on Hospitals' Uncompensated Care

The American Hospital Association's latest annual survey of U.S. hospitals found they provided $39.3 billion

posted 1/6/12 11:05 AM  read complete story

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