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Community Health Funding Report

Resources & Reports

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Breast Cancer Treatment: A Look Ahead

An analysis by the healthcare firm of Frost and Sullivan looks at the current state of the market for drugs available to treat breast cancer

posted 5/18/12 10:31 AM  read complete story

GAO Looks at Medicaid, Medicare Improvements

The Government Accountability Office issues a status report on the recommendations it has made to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services on improving the two programs.

posted 5/15/12 4:58 PM  read complete story

Obesity Study Offers Community Recommendations, Strategies

The Institute of Medicine (IOM) released a report that continues comprehensive strategies that communities can use to address the issue of obesity.

posted 5/10/12 9:35 PM  read complete story

New Journal Gets Public Health Research Policy Out to the Field

A new journal is available that is designed to make sure that public health research findings quickly make their way to community health providers and policymakers.

posted 5/10/12 9:32 PM  read complete story

SAMHSA Releases Mental Health Services, Funding Report

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration issued a multi-volume overview of mental health issues

posted 4/27/12 12:29 AM  read complete story

Seniors Reminded of 'Little Used' Medicare Wellness Benefit

Citing what foundation officials call "the benefit no one knows about," the John Hartford Foundation is promoting

posted 4/25/12 3:55 PM  read complete story

CDC: States Making Progress Reducing Infections, But Disparities Remain

The Centers for Disease Control issues a report which finds that "despite uneven progress, U.S. moving in positive direction

posted 4/25/12 08:10 AM  read complete story

Questions Raised over CHC Quality, But There's Good News Too

A survey by Kaiser Health and USA Today finds at least 20% of community health centers did not provide certain key services, such as vaccinating children and helping diabetics control blood sugar, and that service quality varied widely by location.

posted 4/20/12 12:04 PM  read complete story

Johnson and Johnson Offers Advice to AIDS, Community Health Leaders

The company will support three collaborations involving AIDS service organizations and community health centers

posted 4/20/12 11:57 AM  read complete story

Injury Rates: Mainly Good News for Children, Teens

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issues a report that found death rates from injuries among children and adolescents has fallen by almost 30% from 2000-2009.

posted 4/20/12 11:49 AM  read complete story

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