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(RULES/FUNDING) Regs Outline Goals, Procedures for New Health Insurance Plans
   The Dept. of Health and Human Services issues proposed rules implementing the Consumer Operated and Oriented Plan program, which was authorized under the Affordable Care Act.
posted 7/22/11 1:35 PM  read complete story

(RESOURCES) Funds Available for Mental Health Services Dealing with HIV
   The Dept. of Health and Human Services plans to award additional funds to the National Association for Social Workers to provide additional training to social workers who live in areas with the highest numbers of those living with HIV/AIDS.
posted 7/22/11 1:19 PM  read complete story

(REPORTS) Oral Health Key Factor for Overall Health Status
   A new report by the Institute of Medicine outlined how access to oral health services by at-risk children and families not only will improve oral health, but the overall health status of both groups.
posted 7/19/11 10:37 PM  read complete story

(REPORTS) New Report Questions Jobs, Pay Impact of Pay-or Play Health Initiatives
    study by the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities found that San Francisco's 3-year old law requiring employees to either spend a minimum amount on health benefits or contribute to a public insurance plan did not cause businesses to either lay off individuals or cut benefits
posted 7/19/11 10:36 PM  read complete story

(BEST PRACTICES) HHS Recognizes Communities for Healthy Living Efforts
   The Dept. of Health and Human Services announces the winners of its Healthy Living Innovation Awards program
posted 7/19/11 10:35 PM  read complete story

(REPORT) Keep Up the Good Work: Teens Behaving Better
   A new report by the Dept. of Health and Human Services finds that fewer teens are having babies, binge drinking, having babies earlier than expected or dying from injuries.
posted 7/10/11 10:28 PM  read complete story

(REPORT) Poverty Kills, Say Researchers
   If you're looking for justification to combine social services and healthcare (and the funding to support it), a recent study may help. A report in last month's American Journal of Public Health finds
posted 7/6/11 11:09 PM  read complete story

(REPORT) Medicaid Cuts Would Hurt Jobs as Well as Healthcare
   FamiliesUSA issues a report looking at the economic impact of proposed GOP cuts to the Medicaid program. In addition to threatening healthcare for up to 30 million Medicaid participants,
posted 7/5/11 4:42 PM  read complete story

(REPORT) Tobacco Sales to Minors Continue to Fall
   The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Admin. issues a report finding that state and federal partnerships, funded largely by SAMHSA, have reduced tobacco sales to minors to an all-time low.
posted 6/29/11 1:49 PM  read complete story

(REPORT) Job Losses Slowed but Continued for Local Health Departments in 2010
   According to the National Association of County and Officials, local health departments have lost more than 29,000 jobs since 2008
posted 6/28/11 10:45 PM  read complete story

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