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Community Health Funding Report


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New ACA Rules Coming: Focus on Pre-existing Conditions

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services finishes work on interim final rules updating guidelines concerning pre-existing conditions and health insurance, as revised by the Affordable Care Act.

posted 3/27/15 05:51 AM  read complete story

If King v. Burwell Goes Against ACA, What's Left?

The Congressional Research Service issues a report outlining what elements of the Affordable Care Act would remain if the Supreme Court eliminates the tax subsidies available to those who sign up for health insurance through the ACA's federal exchange marketplace.

posted 3/6/15 08:49 AM  read complete story

Long-Term Care Ombudsman Rules Coming

The Department of Health and Human Services has finished work on final rules for the Ombudsman program under the Administration on Aging.

posted 1/26/15 12:15 PM  read complete story

Another Day, Another Obama Proposal: Childcare This Time

The Obama administration unveils a proposal to expand child care accessibility, including funding support for child care services. Meanwhile, Republicans on the House Education and Workforce Committee indicate they are looking for suggestions on how to reduce Head Start expenditures while increasing program efficiency.

posted 1/23/15 12:12 PM  read complete story

Medicaid Expansion: What's the Prognosis?

The Families USA's Health Action conference this past week presented an opportunity for supporters of the Affordable Care Act and other health reform initiatives to discuss ways for boosting enrollment as well as changing the way healthcare is provided, but it didn't produce much in the way of new administration initiatives.

posted 1/23/15 12:05 PM  read complete story

Feds to Expand Drug Treatment Quality Measures

The National Institute on Drug Abuse, through its Innovations in Measuring and Managing Addiction Treatment Quality" Challenge, will recognize efforts to incentivize the development of innovative concepts for quality measurement and quality management systems based on the latest science of addiction treatment.

posted 1/22/15 7:16 PM  read complete story

What Happens if ACA Subsidies Go Away?

While last month's election made legislative challenges to the Affordable Care Act more likely to succeed (at least partly), the real threat to the ACA continues to be the lawsuit in King v. Burwell, in which conservatives are challenging the premium subsidies available for persons who sign up through the federal exchange.

posted 12/12/14 3:55 PM  read complete story

White House Outlines Past, Future AIDS Efforts

In recognition of World AIDS day, the Obama administration outlines steps it will take across the world and in the United States to fight AIDS.

posted 12/4/14 6:42 PM  read complete story

Analysis: Liability Costs Continue Rising for LTC Facilities

If your running a community health center that's linked with a long term care facility, here's some news you're probably not going to like: Liability costs for long term care providers are expected to increase by 5% and claims frequency is also expected to rise.

posted 11/13/14 1:18 PM  read complete story

News Briefs

Late-breaking news of interest.

posted 3/12/14 4:15 PM  read complete story

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