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News Briefs
   Late-breaking news of interest.
posted 3/12/14 4:15 PM  read complete story

CDC Head Says Public Health, Healthcare Ties are Key Agency Priority
   Thomas Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, speaking at the National Process Club, said CDC's goal is to continued to be a leading proponent of collaboration between public health and general healthcare.
posted 9/13/13 11 AM  read complete story

Major Funders, White House Examine Health Financing, Collaboration Strategies
   Highlights of a conference sponsored Social Capital Markets include strong support for the idea that community and economic development must be coordinated.
posted 9/6/13 07:07 AM  read complete story

SAMHSA Funding: Block Grant Requirements, Spending Priorities
   More previews from SAMHSA on drug abuse, mental health funding.
posted 8/22/13 12:55 PM  read complete story

New Forum to Focus on Behavioral Health Among Children
   The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration will establish a forum on "Promoting Children's Cognitive, Affective, and Behavioral Health."
posted 8/12/13 3:20 PM  read complete story

Black AIDS Initiative Expanding into More Cities
   The Black AIDS Institute selects the 13th city -- Washington DC -- to participate in its HIV/AIDS treatment and care advocacy network.
posted 8/8/13 7:07 PM  read complete story

Early Results for Medical Homes; CMS Offers Look at Other Pilots
   Whether patient-centered medical homes (PHPCs) can help slow increases in health costs while improving quality is being tested by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation, and a recent briefing by the Alliance for Health Reform offers some early results.
posted 5/7/13 3:39 PM  read complete story

ESRD Demo Continues; Webinar for Applicants on the 8th of May
   The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services tweaks the Comprehensive ESRD Care initiative and offers assistance to potential applicants.
posted 5/7/13 12 PM  read complete story

What's Happening in the Nonprofit World
   The Nonprofit Finance Fund's most recent report on the state of the nonprofit sector contains both good and bad news. The bad news:
posted 3/29/13 12:06 PM  read complete story

Key Health Issues for 2013
   The PwC Health Research Institute identifies the top health issues of 2013, including:
posted 1/11/13 11:22 AM  read complete story

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