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Community Health Funding Report

Mental Health

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Program Helps Schools Recognize Teen Mental Health Issues

Program helps schools, parents identify possible mental health issues among teens.

posted 3/6/14 8:27 PM  read complete story

Mental Health Data

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration releases Behavioral Health, United States, 2012.

posted 11/1/13 06:38 AM  read complete story

Regs Will Require Mental Health Parity in Health Plans

The Department of Health and Human Services will soon issue final regulations implementing mental health parity guidelines.

posted 10/22/13 11:29 AM  read complete story

Mental Health Conference Promises Dialog, Resources (But Money is Scarce)

As we predicted, today's National Conference on Mental Health

posted 6/4/13 1:11 PM  read complete story

SAMHSA Seeks Feedback on Trauma Definitions, Priorities

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration seeks input from those interested in helping shape the agency's efforts -- including grant programs -- to address the impact of trauma. SAMHSA has awarded more than $20 million in the past few years on programs addressing trauma.

posted 12/17/12 8:04 PM  read complete story

(LEGAL) Appeals Court Says State Needs to Do More to Help Kids with Disabilities

A federal appeals court has ruled in the case of Paula vs. Otter that the state of Idaho had not met all its obligations under certain consent degrees to

posted 5/31/11 3:39 PM  read complete story

(WHAT'S AHEAD) Demo Would Test Using Medicaid Dollars for Psych Treatment

The Office of Management and Budget is reviewing draft application guidelines developed by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services that would further develop a new psych demonstration program

posted 4/11/11 2:33 PM  read complete story

(STATES) States Having Trouble Protecting Mental Health Funds

The National Alliance on Mental Illness reports that two thirds of all states have made major cuts in their own spending on mental health care since 2008

posted 3/16/11 8:12 PM  read complete story

(RESOURCES) SAMHSA Developing Technical Assistance for Behavioral Health Issues

The Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration plans to beef up its ability to provide training and technical assistance to states and health care providers to increase the adoption and implementation of recovery support activities (e.g., peer-operated services, shared decision maki...

posted 3/15/11 11:33 AM  read complete story

(HEALTH RESEARCH) Diabetes with Depression Boosts Risk of Complications

People who have type 2 diabetes and also suffer with depression tend to have more severe symptoms of both ailments than those who have diabetes only, finds a new study funded by the Nat'l. Institute of Mental Health. Previous research has shown that depression is commonly associated with diabetes....

posted 3/8/10 3:30 PM  read complete story

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