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Federal Healthcare Reform

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ACA Cost Projections Go Down
   CBO finds lower ACA costs than expected.
posted 4/17/14 10:48 PM  read complete story

ACA Takes a Break – But Not For Long
   ACA update.
posted 4/3/14 7:26 PM  read complete story

Best Practices: The Hispanic Community and ACA
   The National Hispanic Medical Association selects WellPoint, Inc., for its Corporate Hispanic Health Leadership Award.
posted 4/2/14 12:04 PM  read complete story

The Week in the ACA
   The latest ACA developments...
posted 3/28/14 07:45 AM  read complete story

ACA Success, Problems Continue
   The latest in ACA news
posted 3/20/14 8:51 PM  read complete story

HHS To Study Ryan White Funding, Ties to ACA
   HHS to look at Ryan White funding, ACA ties.
posted 3/20/14 2:09 PM  read complete story

ACA “Lessons Learned” Rules Coming
   New ADA rules will be based on program's first year.
posted 3/20/14 2:08 PM  read complete story

Major ACA Policy Shift: Federal Grant Funds to be Used for Premiums
   The Dept. of Health and Human Services on March 19 will issue an interim final rule making a major change in the Affordable Care Act.
posted 3/18/14 07:52 AM  read complete story

This Week in the ACA
   ACA Briefs
posted 3/13/14 8:26 PM  read complete story

More Key ACA Rules Coming
   The Dept. of Health and Human Services issuesseveral regulations for the further implementation of the Affordable Care Act.
posted 3/10/14 2:06 PM  read complete story

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