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HHS Awards Millions for Home Visiting Programs
   The Dept. of Health and Human Services announces it is awarding $107 million in FY 2014 grant awards as part of the Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting Program (Home Visiting Program).
posted 8/6/14 11:55 AM  read complete story

HRSA Hopes to Continue to Speed up NHSC Site Applications
   The Health Resources and Services Administration has greatly increased the number of full-time staff reviewing applications for National Health Service Corps site applications.
posted 8/5/14 07:20 AM  read complete story

ACA Funds Help Train Primary Caregivers
   The Department of Health and Human Services awards $83.4 million to support primary care residency programs in 60 teaching health centers across the nation.
posted 7/8/14 1:46 PM  read complete story

Millions Awarded for Health Emergencies
   The Department of Health and Human Services awards more than $840 million to continue improving emergency preparedness of state and local public health and health care systems.
posted 7/3/14 1:04 PM  read complete story

Funds Promote Outreach for Medicare Benefits
   The Administration for Community Living will accept state plans for funds under the Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act through Aug. 4.
posted 7/3/14 12:50 PM  read complete story

HRSA Rural Health Grants Clarify Grantee Requirements
   The Health Resources and Services Administration clarifies the performance measures it will use to analyze grantee results under its rural health grant programs.
posted 7/1/14 1:38 PM  read complete story

HHS Decides to Limit Competition for Two Health Grants
   he Department of Health and Human Services announces that major program changes are needed in the basic Health Career Opportunities program.
posted 6/26/14 3:15 PM  read complete story

Areas Eligible for Extra Grant Consideration
   Personnel shortage areas identified
posted 6/26/14 3:13 PM  read complete story

HHS to Continue Awarding Pregnancy Care Funds
   The Department of Health and Human Services signals it plans to continue awarding statutory funds authorized under the Affordable Care Act through the Pregnancy Assistance Fund.
posted 6/25/14 08:49 AM  read complete story

$3.5 Billion Available in Tax Credits for CD, Health Facilities Financing
   Tax credits include financial for health centers.
posted 6/10/14 1:55 PM  read complete story

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