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Community Health Funding Report


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Grants Help Prepare the Geriatrics Caregivers of Tomorrow

While most grantees are likely to be medical facilities, colleges and similar institutions, community providers can play a key role in projects.

posted 12/15/14 09:58 AM  read complete story

Funds Help Nurses with Advanced Education

The program enhances advanced nursing education specialty programs educating registered nurses to become nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, nurse anesthetists, nurse midwives, nurse educators, nurse administrators and public health nurses.

posted 12/12/14 4:07 PM  read complete story

Grants Finance Ways to Prevent Drug Abuse

Projects are intended to develop community approaches to prevent drug abuse and related problems (such as mental health, interpersonal violence, criminal involvement, and productivity loss),

posted 12/8/14 10:04 AM  read complete story

Grants Fund Healthcare Services for Pregnant Women

The program, which is a multi-step initiative, helps reduce the prevalence of oral disease in both pregnant women and infants through improved access to quality oral health care.

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Grants Help States Review Behavioral Risk

States and territories use these funds to conduct medical and behavioral surveillance through phone and online surveys and collection of other pertinent data.

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Researchers to Evaluate Approaches on Partner Violence

The program will support research to improve prevention strategies focusing on intimate partner violence and sexual violence.

posted 12/4/14 5:19 PM  read complete story

Research to Focus on Seniors Issues

The program supports research on the role and impact of families and interpersonal relationships on health and well-being in midlife and older age.

posted 12/4/14 5:11 PM  read complete story

Brain Research to Lead to New Tools

The grantees will develop and validate tools that analyze complex circuits and provide insights into cellular interactions in brain function.

posted 11/21/14 10:11 AM  read complete story

NIH Funds Diabetes, Cardio Research

The grantees will conduct research on the impact of age on the development, diagnosis, and management of diabetes and cardiovascular disease complications in older persons.

posted 11/21/14 10:07 AM  read complete story

Funding for Collaborative Behavioral Research

The program seeks to improve research on new behavioral and social science topics through interdisciplinary collaboration among health researchers and experts in computational approaches.

posted 11/21/14 08:45 AM  read complete story

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