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Community Health Funding Report


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Getting Healthcare Workers On Board with SBIRT

49 grants of up to $315,000; a total of $18.8 million is available.

posted 1/29/15 2:39 PM  read complete story

Training Grants to Address Pediatric Pulmonary Issues

The program helps improve the health status of infants, children, and youth with chronic respiratory conditions.

posted 1/26/15 12:08 PM  read complete story

Training Grants Support Emergency Services for Children

The goal is to develop an efficient research network that will conduct high quality research and publish evidence-based findings that will impact clinical practice and ensure standardized care in diverse health care settings that serve children, including urban, rural and tribal settings.

posted 1/26/15 12:04 PM  read complete story

Funding for Grantmakers; Service Providers to Benefit

The Corp. for National and Community Services Social Innovation Fund is another example of "second-hand" funding that can benefit community nonprofits.

posted 1/22/15 7:36 PM  read complete story

HRSA to Support Expert in Rural Health Services

The grantee must be able to provide advice to rural health care providers, as well as stakeholders such as HRSA, Congress, states, and for-profit and nonprofit entities that set policies impacting rural health care providers, about the impacts of changes in the health care delivery system.

posted 1/22/15 09:24 AM  read complete story

Grants Promote Embryo Donation

The program will provide grants in the following two categories: (1) increase public awareness of embryo donation and adoption; and (2) provide services which facilitate embryo donation and adoption.

posted 1/22/15 09:15 AM  read complete story

Selected Areas Eligible for CHC Support

The Health Resources and Services Administration is awarding community health center funds to serve additional areas.

posted 1/22/15 09:10 AM  read complete story

Health Grants Trending Toward Continuations

Rather than award new grants, at least three federal health grant programs have recently limited funds to continuation awards. Part of the reason is funding constraints; FY 2015 funding is for most programs stable at best, and it's easier to simply award funds without havingto go through the competition process

posted 1/22/15 09:02 AM  read complete story

Funds to Support Family Planning Site

The Department of Health and Human Services will award one grant of $750,000 to an organization or institution able to provide training for personnel working in Title X-funded family planning services projects.

posted 1/19/15 7:12 PM  read complete story

Grants Address Parasite Infections at Community Level

Grants help reduce the overall burden of neglected parasitic infections (NPIs) through evidence-based prevention and control activities, including the development of new strategies, educational tools and materials, and guidelines.

posted 1/15/15 6:45 PM  read complete story

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