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Community Health Funding Report


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Ag Grants Help Address Childhood Obesity

Funds may be used for several purposes, including integrated research, education and/or extension projects, as well as Food and Ag Science Enhancement Grants.

posted 2/20/15 2:53 PM  read complete story

Technical Assistance for Rural Health Clinics

Any organization, institutions or other entity able to do the work may receive a single grant of $100,000.

posted 2/10/15 10:25 AM  read complete story

Helping Improve Youth Vision Services

One grant of $300,000 will be awarded to an entity able to develop a learning collaborative comprised of five states to work together jointly to identify challenges, interventions, implementation, and evaluation elated to implementing universal vision screening for preschool-aged children.

posted 2/10/15 10:23 AM  read complete story

Grants Expand Mental Health Services for Children, Families

The idea of the program is to build on earlier efforts to improve mental health outcomes for children and youth (birth to 21 years of age) with serious emotional disturbances and their families.

posted 2/10/15 09:52 AM  read complete story

Funding Supports Patient Safety Learning Labs

Grants help create "Patient Safety Learning Laboratories." These are places and/or networks where research identifies threats to patient safety.

posted 2/9/15 1:22 PM  read complete story

Expanding HIV Services to New Areas, Populations

The program funds HIV primary care in the outpatient setting to low-income and medically underserved populations.

posted 2/5/15 10:31 AM  read complete story

Grants Support Rural Hospitals

Grants provide support to critical access hospitals for quality improvement, better reporting, performance improvements, and development of benchmarking standards, as well as designating facilities as critical access hospitals and providing rural emergency medical services.

posted 2/5/15 10:24 AM  read complete story

Grants Help Prepare Workers for Using Health IT

Grants help establish or expand medical health informatics education programs that help promote the effective utilization and development of health information technologies.

posted 2/5/15 10:20 AM  read complete story

Funding for Youth Drug, Mental Health Programs

The program provides funding to improve treatment for adolescents and/or transitional aged youth with substance use disorders and/or co-occurring substance use and mental disorders.

posted 2/5/15 10:16 AM  read complete story

Funds Support Outreach Effort on HIV Care

Grants will help implement findings from innovative methods for identifying, linking, retaining and improving health outcomes for HIV positive underserved, underinsured, hard-to-reach youth and young adults in HIV primary care and supportive services through the use of social media.

posted 2/4/15 1:48 PM  read complete story

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