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Centers to Enhance Epilepsy Treatment
   The program will fund centers to improve treatments and therapies for epilepsy.
posted 9/1/14 7:58 PM  read complete story

With Weight Loss Surgery on the Rise, Research $$$ Improve Outcomes
   Researchers will explore methods to sustain weight loss and control diabetes following bariatric surgery.
posted 9/1/14 7:56 PM  read complete story

Alzheimer’s Researchers to Conduct Vascular Research
   The program supports research on the role that vascular factors play in Alzheimer's disease.
posted 9/1/14 7:53 PM  read complete story

Aging Research, Training Funds Available
   The National Institutes of Health opens competition for the MD-PhD Training Program in Aging and the Social/Behavioral Sciences.
posted 8/19/14 12:34 PM  read complete story

HIV Intervention Grants Available
   Part C early intervention funds are available to support outpatient early intervention and primary care services to individuals with HIV.
posted 8/19/14 12:32 PM  read complete story

Support for Diabetes Trials Available
   The National Institutes of Health looks to support clinical trial centers involving types 1 diabetes.
posted 8/19/14 12:31 PM  read complete story

NIH to Test Community, Provider Interventions to Promote Exercise
   The National Institutes of Health opens a competition for research funds to develop and test interventions leading to health-enhancing physical activity.
posted 8/18/14 10:41 PM  read complete story

Funds Help Address Obesity Early
   The National Institutes of Health opens a new standing announcement -- through Feb. 5, 2017 -- to support research on understanding factors in infancy and early childhood that influence obesity development.
posted 8/18/14 10:40 PM  read complete story

Grants Help State Jumpstart ACA Consumers Assistance Programs
   The primary goal of the Consumer Assistance Program (CAP) grants under this competition is to provide awards to 2010 CAP grant awardees.
posted 8/18/14 10:37 PM  read complete story

States Vie for Millions in AIDS Drug Assistance Funds
   States use ADAP funds to provide access to HIV/AIDS medications for uninsured and under-insured low-income persons,
posted 8/14/14 1:29 PM  read complete story

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