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Community Health Funding Report


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HHS Offers More than $840 Million to Improve Patient Care

The Dept. of Health and Human Services Secretary launches an initiative that will fund health networks designed to allow medical providers to improve patient care.

posted 10/24/14 7:12 PM  read complete story

Research Grants Focus on Neuroscience Studies

The program supports centers conducting a wide range of neuroscience research.

posted 10/24/14 7:07 PM  read complete story

Funds Help Repay Medical Loans in Exchange for Service

The Loan Repayment Program provides financial incentives in the form of loan repayment of up to $120,000 to medical students in their final year.

posted 10/16/14 12:11 PM  read complete story

Grants Help Support Research Careers in Women’s Health

The National Institutes of Health offers grants under the Building Interdisciplinary Research Careers in Women's Health program.

posted 10/15/14 07:32 AM  read complete story

CHC Deadlines Approaching

Deadlines approaching for CHC funding.

posted 10/14/14 08:49 AM  read complete story

NIH Grants Focus on Health Disparities

Grants support innovative system-level health services and policy research that can directly and demonstrably contribute to the elimination of health disparities.

posted 10/9/14 3:51 PM  read complete story

NIH Funds Help Repay Medical Loans

The Loan Repayment Program helps repay student loans of doctoral level, biomedical or behavioral scientists conducting research funded by nonprofit institutions.

posted 10/9/14 11:05 AM  read complete story

Research Grants Focus on Maternal, Child Health

Research grants support maternal, child health projects.

posted 10/7/14 12:57 PM  read complete story

Grants Support Efforts to Develop Strategies to Help Pregnant Women with Disabilities

Funds are available through a new standing announcement to look at issues involving women with disabilities.

posted 10/6/14 2:09 PM  read complete story

Colleges to Benefit From DOD Medical Research Funds

More than 200 research grants will go to institutions of higher education and/or related medical facilities -- worth more than $500 million -- to support health research on topics of interest to the Defense Dept

posted 10/6/14 2:08 PM  read complete story

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