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Community Health Funding Report


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Abstinence-Only Grants Available

Grantees use funds to develop abstinence education programs aimed at reducing teen pregnancies.

posted 4/24/15 3:01 PM  read complete story

Army Offers Millions for Health Research

The U.S. Army Medical Research Acquisition Activity (USMRAA) opens competition for two autism-related research programs.

posted 4/21/15 10:17 AM  read complete story

Funds Support Hepatitis C Research

Grants support research on the host immunological response to Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) infection, with the goal of defining the immune requirements critical to a) protection against HCV infection, and b) successful clearance of HCV infection.

posted 4/21/15 10:11 AM  read complete story

Research Grants Fund Study of Diagnostic Care

The research should focus on services, and should evaluate programs for reducing diagnostic failures, including approaches that enable organizations, providers and patients to better anticipate emerging diagnostic risk before failure and harm occurs.

posted 4/17/15 3:11 PM  read complete story

Networks Key to Mental Health, Drug Abuse Recovery Funding

Grants may be used to link formal statewide substance abuse recovery networks with formal statewide networks representing mental health consumers and families to represent a single voice for behavioral health.

posted 4/17/15 3:01 PM  read complete story

Grants Facilitate Health IT at Community Level

The new program supports community projects promoting the electronic flow of health information at the community level, leading to better care and better health.

posted 4/17/15 1:45 PM  read complete story

Funds Help Navigate Complexities of Health Exchanges

Grants support Exchange Navigators in states with a federally-facilitated Exchange, as authorized under the Affordable Care Act, or states collaborating with the federal government under a state partnership exchange.

posted 4/17/15 12:48 PM  read complete story

Grants Help Fight Opioid Overdoses

Funds may be used to buy and place emergency devices including naloxone -- used to rapidly reverse the effects of opioid overdoses, as well as train licensed healthcare professionals and emergency responders on the use of opioid devices.

posted 4/14/15 03:25 AM  read complete story

Health Agencies Frequent Winners of Suicide Prevention Funds

The program supports states and tribes in developing and implementing youth suicide prevention and early intervention strategies.

posted 4/3/15 04:46 AM  read complete story

Funds Support HIV/AIDS Avoidance, Treatment Projects

Grants help health departments work with private nonprofits or health care providers to implement comprehensive HIV prevention and care services for MSM of color who are at substantial risk for or living with HIV infection.

posted 4/3/15 04:33 AM  read complete story

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