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HUD Takes Action against SD Apartment Complex Owners, Landlord

Attention developers, owners, and managers of multi-family rental housing complexes: You cannot make rental properties unavailable to people with disabilities, nor can you retaliate against anyone for exercising their fair housing rights. Some rental property owners and landlords in South Dakota are learning this lesson the hard way.

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Event Examines Post-Election Funding for Native Americans

President Obama's re-election will have a major impact on Indian health programs -- including those for the elderly -- but larger issues over deficit reduction and federal spending will continue to dominate the current lame-duck session of Congress, listeners are told during a CD Publications audio conference on Nov. 15.

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Foundation Offers Grants for Senior Services

The foundation supports nonprofit organizations which encourage youth development, address women's issues and provide for the elderly.

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House Democrats Point to Possible New Recession

Unless Congress resolves the impasse over tax cuts and a nearly 10% spending reduction to take effect Jan. 1, the nation could be plunged into a new recession, Democrats on the House Appropriations Committee predict.

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Illinois Seniors Benefiting From Financial Planning Program

Older residents of Cook County, IL, who may be struggling with their finances are benefiting from a free program that examines their economic needs and identifies ways to effectively meet them.

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Tapping New Healthcare Funding Opportunities Following the Supreme Court's Ruling

Join CD Publications on Thursday, July 26, from 2 p.m. to 3:15 p.m., for a live audio conference titled, "Tapping New Healthcare Funding Opportunities Following the Supreme Court Ruling." This 75-minute, information-packed event will answer a host of lingering questions.

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Detroit-Area Patient Recruiter Pleads Guilty to Medicare Fraud

A Detroit-area patient recruiter has pleaded guilty for his participation in a Medicare fraud scheme.

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Agency Partners with Pension Rights Group to Recover $1.8M for Seniors

Nearly $1.8 million in lost pensions has been recovered in Missouri, thanks to a partnership between the Missouri Association of Area Agencies on Aging and the South Central Pension Rights Project.

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Register for NCOA's 'Aging in America' by Feb. 13 and Save

Feb. 13 is the deadline to save on registration to the National Council on Aging's (NCOA) "Aging in America 2012" conference, set for March 28-April 1 in Washington, DC.

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Retirement Research Foundation Funds Community Programs Helping Seniors

The foundation supports services, education, research and advocacy projects aimed at improving the quality of life for older people. The ultimate goal for proposed programs must be to change practice, policy and delivery systems.

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