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Latest News :
Reid Makes Stopgap Spending a Certainty

A move by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) to avoid floor votes on FY 2015 appropriations bills guarantees government programs will operate at least temporarily on FY 2014 spending levels under a continuing resolution (CR).
reprinted from Housing Affairs Letter
read complete story - 7/11/14 08:34 AM  


Other Recent News:

Grant/Funding News Services
Children & Youth Funding Report –>DoEd Launches $2.4M Teacher Equity Initiative  7/21/14 5 PM
–>$250K Offered for Parent Training Centers Technical Assistance  7/21/14 4:41 PM
Community Health Funding Report –>New Mobile App Helps Parents Talk to Kids about Alcohol Use   7/21/14 3:02 PM
–>Materials Address Hepatitis C Infection  7/21/14 3:01 PM
Federal & Foundation Assistance Monitor –>Vocational Education Funding Targets Disabled  7/22/14 08:01 AM
–>Millions Go for Rail Improvements  7/21/14 3:39 PM
Native American Report –>Gas Production Blamed for Drop in Sales of Tribal Fossil Fuel  7/21/14 2:43 PM
–>Legislative Briefs  7/16/14 6:53 PM
Private Grants Alert –>New Earth Foundation Favors Education, Youth Projects  7/21/14 3:18 PM
–>Muste Memorial Fund Provides Nonviolence Grants  7/21/14 10:19 AM

Housing News Services
CD Housing Register –>Changes in Flood Hazard Determinations  12/27/13 1:59 PM
–>New Jersey; Amendment No. 5 to Notice of an Emergency Declaration  12/27/13 1:47 PM
Community Development Digest –>Indiana Communities to Benefit from $1.5 Million in CDBG Funding  7/21/14 2:42 PM
–>Watershed Rehabilitation Funding to Repair Dams in 26 States  7/21/14 2:12 PM
Housing Affairs Letter –> Section 8 Ploy Would Minimize PHAs  7/17/14 10:44 PM
–>Democrats Push New Housing Finance Reform  7/17/14 10:37 PM

Senior News Services
Aging News Alert –>Post-discharge Phone Calls May Reduce Hospital Readmissions   7/21/14 3:32 PM
–>Colorado Seniors Community Closes $17 Million-Plus Mortgage  7/21/14 3:03 PM