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Latest News :
Senators Put Castro On Policy Brink

Thirteen senators tell new HUD Secretary Julian Castro to give priority to publication of the final Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) enforcement rule. The letter welcoming Castro to his new job puts the secretary on a difficult policy brink.
reprinted from Housing Affairs Letter
read complete story - 8/15/14 12:47 AM  


Other Recent News:

Grant/Funding News Services
Children & Youth Funding Report –>Funding Helps Youth in Making Healthy Choices   9/2/14 4:30 PM
–>USDA to Open New Round of Farm-to-School Grants  9/2/14 2:30 PM
Community Health Funding Report –>Extra Funds Help Southern Rural Groups Promote ACA Coverage  9/2/14 6:24 PM
–>New Health IT Rules Coming Soon  9/2/14 6:21 PM
Federal & Foundation Assistance Monitor –>Researchers to Focus on Reducing HIV Pathogens  9/2/14 4:05 PM
–>Social Interaction Studies to be Funded  9/2/14 2:03 PM
Native American Report –>EPA Posts Responses to Air Quality Recommendations Affecting Tribes  9/2/14 6:07 PM
–>Farm Service Agency Updates Environmental Guidelines   9/2/14 6:06 PM
Private Grants Alert –>VSA/Kennedy Center Grants Support the Performing Arts   9/2/14 1:19 PM
–>Funder Ready to Roll Out Seed Grant Competition  9/2/14 07:17 AM

Housing News Services
CD Housing Register –>Changes in Flood Hazard Determinations  12/27/13 1:59 PM
–>New Jersey; Amendment No. 5 to Notice of an Emergency Declaration  12/27/13 1:47 PM
Community Development Digest –>State Embraces Technology to Lower Rural Crash Rates  9/2/14 1:03 PM
–>Producers Urged to Enroll in Disaster Assistance Program  9/2/14 12:30 PM
Housing Affairs Letter –>IG Public Housing Fee Audit Slammed  8/21/14 10:37 PM
–>Market Upswing After Winter Malaise  8/21/14 10:32 PM

Senior News Services
Aging News Alert –>'BrainHub' Project Underway at Carnegie Mellon  9/2/14 12:46 PM
–>Chicagoland Home Care Aide Gets a Special Helping Hand  9/2/14 08:42 AM