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Latest News :
Lawmakers Rush To Thwart Shutdown

Some House Republicans are scrambling to get a vote on a continuing resolution before Congress breaks for its annual five-week vacation July 31. The reason for the rush: Lawmakers want to foil any attempt by the GOP hard right to repeat last year’s shutdown of the government as a bargaining chip for budget cuts.
reprinted from Housing Affairs Letter
read complete story - 7/25/14 05:59 AM  


Other Recent News:

Grant/Funding News Services
Children & Youth Funding Report –>$14M Set Aside for New My Brother's Keeper AmeriCorps Projects, Obama Says  7/28/14 5 PM
–>FNS Offers WIC Grants to Improve Child Retention  7/28/14 3:28 PM
Community Health Funding Report –>Updated: The Future of Obamacare Subsidies: Clear as Mud   7/25/14 7:11 PM
–>FCC Update of Rural Areas List Could Effect Funding  7/25/14 1:53 PM
Federal & Foundation Assistance Monitor –>Organizations to Oversee Community Development Funding  7/28/14 4:35 PM
–>$40M Funds Energy Research  7/28/14 2:43 PM
Native American Report –>EPA Lays Out Environmental Justice Policy for Tribes  7/25/14 1:23 PM
–>First Nations Encourages Senior Hunger Conference Attendance  7/25/14 1:22 PM
Private Grants Alert –>Cigna Grants Aid Community Projects, Child Well-Being  7/28/14 4:41 PM
–>Important Research from Around the Nation  7/28/14 12:42 PM

Housing News Services
CD Housing Register –>Changes in Flood Hazard Determinations  12/27/13 1:59 PM
–>New Jersey; Amendment No. 5 to Notice of an Emergency Declaration  12/27/13 1:47 PM
Community Development Digest –>HUD Has a New Honcho -- Julián Castro  7/28/14 5:39 PM
–>New Center to Focus on Energy Improvements  7/28/14 10:44 AM
Housing Affairs Letter –>Lawmakers Rush To Thwart Shutdown  7/24/14 10:52 PM
–>Rental Assistance Reform Rapped  7/24/14 10:46 PM

Senior News Services
Aging News Alert –>Social Security Trustees’ Report: No Need for Worry -- Yet  7/28/14 6:18 PM
–>Medicare Trustees’ Report Delivers Mostly Good News  7/28/14 5:55 PM